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After Action Reports

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10 November 1944

As the British and American armies, under pressure from Moscow, push farther into Germany, a well orchestrated evacuation procedure has taken place in one of the Reich’s most important testing facilities, where scientists have developed a new wonder weapon that must surely deal the final hammer blow to the overstretched Allied forces.

This reporter was present to witness the elite Special Evacuation Kommando in action as the underground test laboratory came under attack from a mixed group of British and American saboteurs, a testimony itself to the lack of formal military structure within the Allied High Command.

Agents from the Abwehr had been aware of the impending attack for some time. All of the civilian workers had been removed to a place of safety and despite the panic that spread amongst the remaining scientific personnel, many of whom went into hiding inside the facility, our professional team of Waffen SS troops soon set about locating, identifying and removing the various sensitive documents scattered around the extensive complex.

Once the saboteurs had gained entry they were soon drawn into the killing zone of interconnecting tunnels. Our troops showed no mercy as they engaged this ragged group of bandits, a task made harder by the intermittent lighting from a faulty generator and a minor electrical fire that left some of the tunnels partially filled with smoke. Despite their pledge to the Fuehrer, a small number of civilian scientists viewed these terrorists in uniform as liberators. Unfortunately, their knowledge was too valuable to be allowed to fall into enemy hands and the unit commander Sturmbannfuehrer Rudolf Schuster ordered any treachery on the part of the civilian workforce to be handled with extreme prejudice.

Of vital importance to the defence of Germany was a chemical substance known only by a code-name: Xerum 525, a liquid compound so dangerous that only trained personnel were able to move it. The assistance of a number of scientists was enlisted in order to transfer the portable containers of Xerum 525 to a place of safety within the complex which was now well defended by our brave troops. By now the power generator had failed completely and the final mopping-up operation had to be undertaken in the dim red glow of the emergency lighting.

Fortunately the superiority of the German war machine prevailed once again and few of the enemy survived to report their defeat to their superiors hiding in bunkers across the English Channel.

Bert von Hartz
Kriegsberichter, SS Propaganda Kompanie

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Absolutely superb! :D :good:

When we were a Kingdom it was run by a King
When we were an Empire it was run by an Empress
Now we're a country we're run by a..........

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Very good Martin. And the first German win for ages... when I decide to go Allied. :? Any rumours of a connection between those two facts are untrue. :roll:

You've got nothing to ein, zwei, drei, vier

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Very good Martin. And the first German win for ages... when I decide to go Allied. :? Any rumours of a connection between those two facts are untrue. :roll:



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