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"Die Glocke"
Somewhere in lower Silesia....

Another day, another experiment. The workers replaced the thick rubber mats that lined the tiled test cell and sprayed the area down with brine. The mats would be burnt, the contaminated brine would be barreled then shipped to a mine to be buried half a kilometre under ground.

Dr. Wilhelm Voss turned to an associate, asking about the supplies of the mysteriously glowing chemical known only as “Xerum 525”. “There is enough, Herr Doktor” was the response and Voss was happy with the answer. His gaze once more rested upon the large device sitting in the centre of the test cell. Known as “Die Glocke”, due to its bell-like shape, he was sure that it could help turn the war to the Reich’s advantage once more, as long as they were successful before the Allies over ran the facility...


German - "Special Evacuation Kommando" - Hand-picked Abwehr, Waffen-SS & FJ unit
British - 30 AU

Combat Command B, Third Armoured Division, US Army

“Why not just charge on to Berlin? Why go to some craphole of an industrial site, that’s been bombed to hell and back already?” Capt R Gregson asked himself. Then it occurred to him why. His unit, CC-B, Third Armoured, had been the first to come across the work of Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler at Nordhausen in Saxony, and now the outfit he was part of had been ordered to get to the Skoda Works at Pilsen, then onto some place called Ludwigsdorf in Lower Silesia – and the reason why, well, SHAEF just hadn’t deigned to tell them yet, but you could bet that if it was one of Kammler’s joints, whatever going on there either had to be stopped, or had to be gotten hold of before the Commies or Limeys got to it….

London, Whitehall

“What the hell do the Yanks want with Lower Silesia?” Major Geoffrey Stevens asked himself. “The war is in its dying days, Berlin is the big prize now!”. He picked the folder up from the desk, a folder simply marked as “Kammlerstab – TOP SECRET”. Then he understood. This was the real prize, Berlin was a pile of rubble, nothing more than a symbol of the destruction of the Nazi empire. But this, this was far more important, and Major (Dr) G Stevens Phd could see that he was going to have to go and speak to an old friend of his, Commander Flemming, head of a secretive unit known only as “30 AU”…

Ludwigsdorf, Lower Silesia, 1945

Sturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Schuster was impressed with the quality of the personnel he had managed to gather for this most important of missions – a mission authorised by Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler himself. Under his command, a detachment from the SS SEK (Special Evacuation Komando), two JU390’s of the Luftwaffes’s elite Kampfgeschwader 200, along with Fallschirmjager attached to the unit, the secretive “3rd Staffel”.
His orders had been simple. Hold the facility for as long as possible against the damned Allies, then evacuate the equipment and liquidate the scientists working there…


Die Glocke - 26th April 2009

Venue: UCAP Airsoft, Southwick, Fareham, Hampshire, PO17 6AR. Directions at the bottom on this thread: viewtopic.php?f=100&t=6547

This is the official booking thread. As with previous games, once you have booked and payment has cleared your name will appear on this list.

Before you book some words about the event, please read this carefully before you book.

1. Due to the close engagement ranges in the tunnels, UCAP operates a strict maximum limit of 330fps with a 0.2g bb. Weapons will be checked with a chrono, so please do not bring over-powered guns.

2. Pyro is strictly resctricted to 9mm BFGs and that bought from UCAP's on-site shop ONLY. NO SMOKE. No exceptions, so please don't ask.

3. This will be a high-tension game which will unravel steadily throughout the day. Those expecting a blatfest, run-of-the-mill, open day type game need not apply.

4. Underground accommodation is available on Saturday 25th April for those who wish to stay, otherwise you'll need to be on site by 9am on Sunday 26th April at the very latest.

Please make sure you bring adequate equipment for sleeping underground, on concrete, in April. Good quality sleeping bags, and roll mat or camp bed are a must, the tunnels are chilly even if it is warm outside. Also make sure you bring adequate food and water.

5. This is Comrades in Arms members-only game. If you aren't already a member, but are eligible for membership, please fill in the forms and get registered before you book your place. It's free, the only requirement is that you've played at one of the eight previous CiA games. When booking please ensure you include your CiA Membership Number, bookings from non-members will not be accepted. Details on membership are at:


6. Usual CiA rules regarding kit and weapons:


Payment is £35 in advance and can be paid in three ways:

-Paypal to ----
-Cash or cheque payable to 'Comrades in Arms' and sent to: ----

Include your full name, forum name, CiA membership number and side playing.

This game is strictly limited to 20 Axis places and 20 Allied places on a first-come, first-served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Game fees are non-refundable however your place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player and you can use the forum for this purpose. We only ask that your transfer keeps the sides balanced. If you want to swap sides it must be approved by the CiA organisers before transfer.


German - "Special Evacuation Kommando" - Hand-picked Abwehr, Waffen-SS & Fallschirmjäger unit.


Old 'Un

1: Pete Dunn (Sgt Heide)
2: Stu Dunn
3: Neil Boshier (Boshman)
4: Ian Boshier (Boshman)
5: Mr X (Gadge)
6: Mr X 2 (Dieselmonkey)
7: Derek Scott (JD7)
8: Keith Lang (Forester)
9: Neill Blume (neillblume)
10: Stephen Wicks (Otto)
11: Dave Barrett
12: Cliff Archer (Dot44)
13: Gary Barton (Platoon1)
14: Richard Vaughan (Lardassmonkey)
15: John Outram
16: Martin Sole (BedsnHerts)
17: John Marsden (JohnM)
18: Trevor Court (Slaphead)
19: Steve Jugg (shellshokt)
20: Trevor Grant (Kurt Hienz Steiner)
21: Scott Hawkins (snyper)

US Army, CIC - Hand-picked Airborne, Ranger and Infantry Unit.
British Forces, 30AU - Hand-picked elements of the Navy, Army and RAF.



1: Richard Heath (Yith) - British 30AU
2: Pete Grice (Pete59) - British 30AU
3: William Stone (Devonshire Trooper) - British 30AU
4: Andy Kneale (Steiner) - British 30AU
5: Ed Davidson (Panther) - British 30AU
6: Fraser Newton (Fraz984) - British 30AU
8: Barrie Quin (Barrie and Anne) - British 30AU
9: Anne Quin (Barrie and Anne) - British 30AU
10: Mr X III (Pinkpanzer) - British 30AU
11: Che Sanderson (Che) - British 30AU
12: Carl Sanderson (Fandanglos) - British 30AU
13: Paul Saunders (Wraith666) - British 30AU
14: Ranjit Philora (CHThree) - British 30 AU
15: Nigel Kerr (Oddball) - CIC
16: Matt Webb (Webby) - CIC
17: Nick Wilson (Tug Wilson) - CIC
18: Steve Davies (Steve.D) - CIC
19: Steve Ashworth (sgtash) - CIC
20: Marsha Lorde (marsha) - CIC

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