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[Sticky] Event specific notes - PLEASE READ!!

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1: Due to the nature of the site, we recommend that players wear a Helmet during the course of this game. It is up to you if you do not, but it will be no-one else's fault but yours should you end up playing "headbutt the concrete".

2: As UCAP is a CQB site the probability of getting shot in the head (possibly repeatedly) is high. DO NOT MOAN ABOUT GETTING SHOT IN THE HEAD IF YOU ARE NOT WEARING A FULL FACE MASK, again, as with the helmet, it is your choice.

3: Parts of this site are unlit. You will need a flashlight. However, in keeping with the WW2 theme, the following are banned:

    A: Weapon mounted flashlights
    B: Stupidly powerful torches such as maglites/SureFire are not allowed.

    4: Pyrotechnics. Due to the nature of the site, Smoke Grenades will only be deployed by UCAP marshals. 9mm BFGs are fine but only grenades bought from the UCAP shop may be used (they are specially made for UCAP)

    5. FPS limit - absolute max 330fps with .2 BB

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Torches are recommended for safety as well as tactical use.

As stipulated above, ultra-bright torches are not in keeping with this game. Plenty of very cheap period-looking torches are available and are useful for looking into dark corners or signalling without destroying your fellow player's low-light vision. (However, brighter torches may be carried for emergency use but must not be used in-game)

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Sleeping arrangements
For those travelling long distances you can sleep overnight at UCAP. You will be sleeping in the tunnels, no tents required. You may sleep in your cars, cap park is just outside the safezone.

We will be in the safezone area which is at the entrance to the tunnel complex. The floor is dryish but no heating is provided (constant temp of approx 10 degrees). I recommend using a camp bed though hard nuts can use bed rolls/thermarests. There is a constant movement of damp air moving through the safezone, I found I was never warm in my sleeping bag so high tog values are a good idea. Walls are lined with benches and seats so plenty of room to stash gear and sit about.

Free tea & coffee is available all night/day
Water is available in the safezone
Hot water urn is on all the time
Portaloo is available in the safezone for No 1's - very long walk to permanent loos above ground for No 2's
Battery charging available on-site
Chrono available on-site
Lunch will be provided free of charge on Sunday
Tasty burger van is nearby for breakfast
Indian takeaway will deliver to the tunnels on Sat night!

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Site information: ... ii_p1.html



Grid ref: SU 625 068 GB
Nearest Postcode:PO17 6AR
Google Map
[url="msl"]Flash Earth[/url]

Easiest directions:

1. Take junction 11 off the M27.
2. Take the exit sign posted for Gosport and Fareham.
3. Stay in the left-hand lane, this will take you down a slip road to a roundabout.
4. At the roundabout take the first left turn, signed A27 Portchester.
5. Stay in the left-hand lane.
6. Go through the first set of traffic lights.
7. At the second set take a left-hand turn into Down End Road.
8. Follow the road up and around.
9. Fort Nelson will appear on your left-hand side.
10. Carry on past Nelson and the QinetiQ West site along Portsdown Hill Drive
11. Past the Skew Road and Porchester Lane crossroads, you are now on James Callaghan Drive.
12. On the right, 100m before Fort Southwick you will notice a private drive with a barrier, head down there:
13. Through the gates at the bottom of the hill (keep your speed down)
14. Park up in the car park, the entrance to the site is at the far end of the car park.

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Hi Guys, looking forward to this very much, just a quick heads up, we now have two toilets outside so you won't crap yourself by the top of the stairs!

Other than that, lots has changed since your last visit and we will be doing everything possible to help you guys have a top game.

(Hitler won't be coming he's in a bunker in Berlin shitting himself)

Posted : 08/02/2009 12:13 am