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[Sticky] Basic Rules

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Game Rules

Hits and Medics

Unless otherwise mentioned at the start of a scenario the day will run with the 'Medic and Dead rule'. If hit once you can be medic-ed by any friendly player by them tying a bandage to you in a clearly visibly place on the upper body. You then continue playing, if hit again then you are dead for the remainder of that scenario. You are considered hit if hit anywhere on your body, webbing or gun.
If you get hit go 'arghhh!' and fall to the ground (screaming if you want) as it is so much better than standing there saying hit like a lemon. If you are attaching a bandage to a player you can drag them a short distance into cover to do so, but make sure you have their permission and no not remove the Michael by moving them all over the place.

Ammo Limits

Unless otherwise stated at the beginning of a scenario you have an ammo limit of 300 rounds per scenario/life, support gunners having a limit of 1000. Support guns must be used deployed and not fired from the hip. Grenade limits are 2 per scenario. As we will be out all day, not returning to the safe zone, you will have to carry all your ammo on you for the day.

FPS and Engagement Ranges

The site limits are 350fps on semi/automatic, 500fps on single shot rifles, anything over 350fps needs to have a minimum engagement range of 25 metres


There will be HQs where you can leave unneeded supplies during scenarios, but the day will run with a series of fluid changing HQs so the simplest way to make sure you have everything is to prepare to carry it on you all day. If you have performed so wonderfully that you have been at the front of a rolling advance all morning then your lunch could be 'miles' behind the front line by the time you stop.
You will not need to bring a spare gun into the field with you – as if you have to change it the safe zone is not far away. All you will need on you is bbs, gas, spare batteries, food and water. So we recommend that you organise your equipment to keep these items with you.


Grenades have a blast radius of 15 feet. You must be behind hard cover – a wall or mound of earth – to be protected from the blast. Thick tree trunks = yes, thin trees = no. use your brain. If you are 'hit' by a grenade you are dead outright, with no chance of being medic-ed.

Knife Kills

A knife kill is instigated by touching any enemy, this can be with a rubber knife, or with your hand. Do not just thrust a fake knife in someone's face, or against their throat as you will likely be rewarded with bleeding nose. A knife kill should be 'accepted' silently and gracefully as a reward for the stealth involved in getting one.
Likewise if attaching a bayonet to a rifle you are still just touching your opponent with the bayonet. Attaching a bayonet is not a signal to start man to man fighting with rifles, anyone aggressively thrusting or swinging such a weapon during game will be warned to tone it down, and if not sit out.

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Quick question, how will one know when each scenario has come to its conclusion? ie: When should I stop playing dead?

Posted : 04/06/2010 1:35 pm

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Quick question, how will one know when each scenario has come to its conclusion? ie: When should I stop playing dead?

The end of a scenario will be marked by a number of loud clear whistle blasts from the organisers (the exact number we will let you know on the morning of the day once we are sure there is no other special meaning to that number that people could confuse - like ow my leg has fallen off-).

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