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[Sticky] German Forces - Orbat and Story so Far

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The 148. Infantrie-Division was like almost all those in Southern France, second line, static and stretched far too thin. The division had not taken the brunt of the initial landings, as its section was east of the attacks, but it's Western most battalion had been hard hit. Its supporting guns had been silenced by heavy naval bombardment and the fortifications it occupied were totally cleared by mid morning. Further to the West the fire had raged heavy all day as Saint-Raphael, the landing place of choice for both Ceaser and Napoleon, was heavily defended.

Many of the defenders surrendered. Eastern conscripts, they had no desire to fight, but those who did fell back from the overwhelming forces. The garrison position overlooking the beach was encircled and over-run and by early afternoon the US battalion began marching east, towards Cannes. With their options running out the retreating soldiers headed into the wooded hills. They stayed together in groups, for the fate of lone occupiers in the hills had become well know of late. Gradually they coalesced and, under the command of Leutnant Von Lipp they formed a kampfgruppe and prepared to fight.

Von Lipp had observed the American Battalion heading east, knew they would be re-enforced soon and that any German re-enforcements moving from the Cannes road would be stopped. The beachhead would expand to the heights of the Massif des Maures making any attempt to throw back the invasion all but impossible. However there were smaller roads. Roads like the one his forces were now hastily fortifying. If his hotchpotch kamfgruppe - of retreating grenadiers, Luftwaffe ground forces, artillery gunners and recuperating soldiers - could hold this old road in the hills, then the promised re-enforcements could strike at the heart of the landing area, and throw the invaders back into the sea.

Uniform of the German Forces of Dragoon Rising

The German Forces are composed of troops retreating from Operation Dragoon landings.

The majority of these forces would have been 661. Ost Battalion, though large numbers of these eastern conscripts surrendered out of hand. Further to this there would be elements of 765. Grenadier Regiment from the west, Luftwaffe Ersatz Regiment 63, and any coastal artillery gunners who made it back.

Those in the final stage of recuperating at the local military hospital are also drawn into this fight, soldiers from units on the Italian front and remaining from the Sicily/Sardinia/Corsica campaigns could also be present.

Uniforms are mixed, Heer HBTs, wools or tropicals. Though wool and HBT uniforms are more prolific, tropical equipment is also quite common. Fighting in shirt order if you only posses wools is also permitted in warm weather. The German forces in this engagement are not uniform, they are not from a single unit, they were on garrison duty or recuperating and it is hot. So look sharp in following your orders, and a scruffy sweaty mess in your uniforms.

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I've decided to wear my HBTs, with Pioniere s/boards and General Assualt bagde, and dark yellow gas mask tin and messtins. I may have some webbing y-straps and belt by then, also.

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