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[Sticky] U.S. Forces - Orbat and Story so Far

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The 36th aren't special and aren't fancy. Well most are Texans, but beyond that they're just more Government Issue cogs in the machine. They have, however, been there and done that. Veterans of Italy they had landed at Salerno, Fought up the Liri Valley and liberated Rome. Now they have to take Saint-Raffael, the landing spot of discerning generals in southern France. The French knew that in 1940, that's why they put so many artillery pieces round it. The Germans know it now and that's why they put even more. Still the defending infantry's second rate, that should be something, and the job of taking Saint-Raffael itself is for the 142nd and 143rd regiments. The 141st just has to secure the eastern flank.

Camel Beach Blue is easy enough, it's narrow but there is little opposition. The coastal artillery is knocked out by the navy and by lunchtime we have secured the fortifications around it. The defenders surrender in their droves, Poles, Armenians, few want to fight. Cos. A and B move on positions overlooking the beach. They attack from behind and take the whole garrison prisoner. They've learned. In the west the main beach defences are not removed before the 142nd arrive. They turn around and land on another beach. No bloody Omaha here, looks like they learned too.

Now the 141st is heading east, towards Cannes and everyone else is starting to push inland. We've pried the gap between the two defending divisions, and as we approach Cannes we should see some stiffer resistance and maybe even the ever expected counter strike. There's a road heading off into the wooded hillsides to the north. Little more than a track really. Still best to check it out. Lt Heath and his platoon can take a radio man and have a look. Regimental reconnaissance should be somewhere in that direction and I'm not slowing the march east because of an unimportant dirt track.

Uniform of the US Forces for Dragoon Rising

The US forces are from 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th “Texas” Division.

They are uniformed in M41 Jackets, Wool Shirt and Trousers, (or HBT shirt/trousers) with OD3 Leggings and Webbing. The south of France was hot, but as opposed to HBTs the almost uniformed appearance is Wool trousers and wool shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Patch should be either non existent, or the 36th Infantry Division - yes shirts were patched too.

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