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COVID Guidelines- Please Read

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COVID Safety- This will be highlighted in the safety brief.

Before the Game
If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus – or are asymptomatic but have tested positive for an active Coronavirus infection, then as required by Government guidance, you are to self-isolate (as is your household) and not proceed to the venue under any circumstances.

The time before and after games is when the risk of spreading the Coronavirus will be at its highest and the most care should be taken. Avoid any contact within a distance of less than 2 metres with anyone outside your household or social bubble, especially after any period of exercise.

You must car share only with people who are members of the same household or social bubble.

Be aware of social distancing at all times – when within the safe area, checking in, having your replicas chronographed, and out in the field.

All bookings, payments to be done online via our booking system on the forum.

Bring all your own food and enough drink to sustain you for the day so you need to make sure that you are properly hydrated, and as a way of limiting transmission of the Coronavirus.

Check in
We will be checking in people as they arrive at the gate and during this process we will ask you to supply a mobile phone contact number that can be used to pass on any information we have should it be required.

During the Game
The time that you’re out during games should be relatively easy to maintain social distance – games are usually held in areas that normally run to the tens of acres. At all times try to observe social distance – as a basic rule of thumb if you are within two arms reach of any other skirmisher, you are too close. This advice is in place even to those who are in the same household or social bubble, as any marshals on the field may not be aware of your particular domestic arrangements from afar.This also applies to crowding behind cover. Don’t let your instincts kick in and hide behind the first thing you see – check that it’s safe and that you won’t come into close contact with any other skirmisher.

After leaving the site
If after attending site, you begin to feel the symptoms of Coronavirus (and subsequently test positive) within 14 days of last attending any venue – you are required to self-isolate as per Government guidance.

Additionally, you must inform me via a PM on the forum of your infection. I will then contact the venue, so that the venue’s management team can contact other skirmishers and inform them of your subsequent infection. The Government’s Track and Trace team (if they are involved) will likely also be in contact with yourself.

Additionally, hand sanitiser will be available on the day and all organisers will carry sanitiser however it would help us if you brought your own hand sanitiser – and ensure that any used personal protection equipment, whether reusable or not, is placed in a suitable container after use.

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