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Scenario for Fist of Dust

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Scenario for Fist of Dust.

20 December 1942, the German 4th Panzer Armee are still trying to break the Russian encirclement of Stalingrad and hook up with the 6th Armee that are now trapped in the rubble city. General Kirchner is still determined even after operations started on the 13 December to make one last push along the lower Chir River and break the pocket. Now with only days left and even Manstein and Paulus ready to throw in the towel, the final offensive begins.

Our Scenario and battle is set around the small hamlets and settlement along the lower Chir River and will see the German offensive trying to hook up with unit trapped in the pocket. This will be mainly a rescue and escort for the Germans and kill/capture for the Russians scenario.
The event will be run in two sections.
Briefing at 9.30am – take the field at 10.00am

Section 1
German Objectives
• Break the line and re-supply (4 crates) the trapped soldiers – Avoid contact as much as possible as losing men on the way in will not help those trapped.
• A commander has been wounded and needs to be evacuated through the broken line – We have a stretcher and a Coley or Justin.

Russian Objectives
• Keep the line solid and deny the Germans any supplies – Captured supplies will be held at the Russian HQs.
• Capture the officer on the stretcher if possible.

Lunch – make it quick as we want to get as much game in as possible!

Section 2
German Objective
• 3 points need to be reached with a regroup at every stage

Russian Objective
• Stop the German break out and hold until re-enforcements arrive – 3.30 End ex.

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