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[Sticky] Time wasters and For Sale items

Illustrious Member Admin

It has come to my notice of the past few months that there seems to be an increasing prevalence of forum members indicating they are interested in buying an item resulting in a string of correspondence only for the purchaser to back out at the last moment.

This has to stop NOW. This isn't a micky mouse kiddy airsofter forum - it is run and moderated by committed WW2 airsofters who uphold high standards of fair play both in the battlefield and on the forum.

Quite why a few chaps piss sellers about I have no idea - are they fantasists or juveniles or they get some kick out of it or are just hopelessly unrealistic about their level of disposable income? Whatever, this is a warning to potential perpetrators. Play fair or your forum rights will be restricted or worse.

To sellers of items: if you have a problem please contact me by PM (do NOT post on open forum) and give fulsome details about your grievance and I'll make a judgement. No petty grumbles or wet whingyness please - fairness works both ways.


(By the way, forum users attempting to buy RIFs when they knowingly have no defence will be met with a permanent forum ban.)

Topic starter Posted : 28/09/2012 9:47 am