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Volunteers needed for Airsoft Action magazine 'D-day' shoot!

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Hi Guys

We're putting together a *very* special shoot for the anniversary of D-day and our June issue that comes out on, well about D-Day! (possibly the day after)

We've provisionally got the use of a WWII landing craft on some midlands waterway and we're looking for WWII US infantry airsofters to fill it!

To take part you need to have early/invasion US kit to a good standard, an appropriate AEG and the ability and willingness to spend a day in Nottingham jumping in and out of a higgins boat!

Everyone needs to have brown boots with leggings, mustard/wool trousers (UK no2 dress trousers ok), a brown service shirt, m41 jacket and a WWII type m1 helmet. Appropriate webbing for your garand, BAR, thompson or Springfield. Sorry no M43s, para uniforms, camo suits etc etc. We're after the archetypal 'omaha' look.

We dont expect you to have 'dry bags' for guns or the black gas mask bags but if you do its a massive bonus. Uniform needs to be unbadged of unit insig or badged up for 29th division.

The date is yet to be fixed but will be early May. It's not a paid shoot but you'll get a free copy of the magazine you'll be in and you'll get to see your face on the shelves of WHSmith for a month!

If you'd like to know more or take part then please email me at


In the unlikely event anyone has a US NAVY outfit to act as the 'driver', you're very welcome!

I may also have need of one or two commonwealth and german re-enactor/airsofters for an accompanying feature. To star in this you do need *bang on* accurate kit for either UK Line Infantry (1st wave assault troops), Canadian or Free French a possibility too and we could also use a general Heer rifleman or MG42 gunner in a 'feldgrau' camo free outfit.. no SS as they just were not on the beaches.

Offering this out to you guys on the 'mother forum' first as I've known you all for ages. If no one here is interested then I will put out the offer nationally later but I'd prefer first dibs went to people I know.

Exact date and time of shoot to be confirmed but at the mo i'm just seeing who *can* do it and has the kit.

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