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[Sticky] Notice to sellers

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Quick note to sellers.
When the deal is complete please do not delete or deface the original posting. This is for two reasons:
a) It is a valuable resource giving future vendors and purchases a reference to previous prices fetched
b) Should there be a later dispute there is no reference back to what was said or offered for sale

Therefore, when a deal is complete (or withdrawn) make a final post to say so, then edit your first post by adding 'SOLD' to the title and lock it yourself using the option at the bottom of the page.

If deleting and obscuring continues then I will resort to making the section uneditable.

Also, when posting in response to a 'For Sale' it is must more helpful to other prospective purchasers if you say something like "PM'd to purchase" or "PM'd for further information" that just typing "PM'd". Indeed unless there is a good reason not to, why not type your request in the post? A seller's reply will be useful information to all.

CW, Forum Admin

Topic starter Posted : 18/01/2009 5:20 pm