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Operation Moonchild 4-6 dec 09

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'Operation Moonchild' December 5-6 2009, Hertfordshire. £85 - only 20 player places.

Date and site confimed, This event will start friday night and finish early sunday morning. It will be a 20 player Brit only game with 20 crew spaces, this is not one to miss!!!

December 1941 – a camp at the base of the Ardennes in occupied Belgium

A small campfire flickers and casts shadows over 12 faces huddled together, waiting in silence. Next to them is a hand cart filled with tools, a barrel of water and a few crates. The men are wearing large winter coats and each covets an empty mug, yet all stare into the fire and at the large kettle slowly coming to boil. Only a few moments more and their mugs will be brimmed with a cup of steaming good old English tea.

“Christ sake, is this kettle ever going to boil” asked one of the men

“Your lucky we have a fire at all” replied Lieutenant Mallard, “only a while longer lads and our guide will be here”

“What if those boche come back sir?” asked another one of the men.

“Then ol boy, we show them the passes again don’t we! Look, you all signed up for this op and we’ve got this far! And against all odds aye, all that’s left is for us to make our way up this bloody mountain, link up with the other unit and then we get cracking. It could simply be a radio down!”

“Sounds worse than a radio down to me sir, I’ve been thinking, why send two hand picked units of blighties finest behind enemy lines, at risk of capture and a kraut firing squad for a possible radio down! We don’t even have shooters yet!...sir”

“Shut it soldier!” demanded Sgt Cox, “I signed up to this to get away from whining girls blouses like you! Just do your job and leave the thinking to the CO”

“Thank you Sgt” replied Mallard hastily “quite! Some ones coming”

Event info
This is a weekend of intense WW2 role-play with Airsoft and all are asked to take on the roll of a British soldier. An impression from any Infantry, Para, or commando unit will be fine.
The playing group will be split into two British units of 10 men commanded by Lt Mallard and Lt Chatsworth and they’re Sergeants (marshals), but we will try to keep groups of mates together!

What to expect
Gunman is very experienced in this kind of game and we pride ourselves on the very best in plot writing, props, crew and experience. Believe me, if you let us, we will take you on an experience of a life time. This kind of game isn’t for everyone and there will be physical interaction via safe larp (live action role play) hand to hand weapons. Training will be given!

We can supply the disguises if you have none, but you will need your own British uniform. All personal webbing and weaponry will be returned in game at a set point. Up till that point, you may pick up and use any weapons you find along your journey.

The price includes some very basic grub, Saturday breakfast will be a pan of sausages, lunch will be bread and pullet and tea will be corn beef hash! You will also find in game food treats! If you don’t like or can’t eat any of the food on the menu, then make sure you bring your own. The site has ample cooking facilities and campfires.

Booze – I don’t mind guys carrying a hipflask to keep the edge off during guns down, it is December after all!!! But if anyone is found drinking during shooting times, Home you go!

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Front page edited and updated!

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including me have 7 "crew" confirmed for Moonchild

Posted : 31/08/2009 8:28 pm
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including me have 7 "crew" confirmed for Moonchild

thats fatastic matey, ill get you added to the list;)

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