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Operation Lightning kitlist.

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Further to the thread already started by Porta, I thought I'd post up, well in advance, of the desired kit requirements for this game. Most of you have it already. Those that don't either have 4 months to save up for it, or to let us know so that we can sort out some "loaner" kit. Let's really try and look the part for this game

Helmet with cover (no dot44 covers!) OR M43 ski cap.

M40 or M42 type Camouflaged smock (no restrictions on what pattern) or a suitable SS camo zeltbahn.

Field tunic (Wool or HBT, M36, m40, m43 or M44 type) with SS runes, hohenstaufen cufftitle. Please remove or cover up any collar rank insignia for this game. What shirt you wear under it is up to you.

Field trousers (again, wool or hbt are fine).

Low boots and gaiters. If you have to wear jackboots, please wear them with feldgrau or hbt trousers, not Dot44 ones!

Webbing set. Up to you if you want to hump about an e-tool and gasmask canister! Bare minimum should be - belt, buckle, y straps, breadbag, ammo pouches.

Weapons wise, if you have a K98, bring it! We should have more than enough rifles to field a proper section, with a support MG and a squad leader with an MP40. Scoped weapons are not appropriate for this game. Also, be careful what gas you use in the Tanakas.

Also acceptable is Dot44 clothing, which can be "mix & match" with the other items. If it's cold, greatcoats and parkas are a good idea as well, if you have them.

NO camo tunics/camo trousers (other than pea dot) and camo caps for this chaps. We're going for as close to reenactor standards as we can and representing an average Waffen SS combat section, not just fashion conscious airsofters!

When I want your opinion - I'll tell you what it is!

Topic starter Posted : 17/11/2008 9:16 pm