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Stepping down.

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I'm sure you all know about recent events in my life, which I won't bore you all with by going over again.

The net result of it all is that I have to stop my portrayal of a German fighting soldier. Over the last year, I have put in a considerable amount of my time into trying to make this group into a cohesive unit (and a year before that as a player). To a degree, it's been achieved and what little there is left to do can be achieved by the rest of you guys. I believe that it's too much work for one person to try and run a group, so, I've arranged for JD7, Steiner and John M to take over the group and I'm sure that with their knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm, the group will go on to greater things. It'll be weird to be the "enemy" and be shooting at, what I consider, to be my good friends. I'd like to remain an honorary member of this group and continue to post on here and help out in any way I can (if you want me to). The training day is still "on" (we need a couple more to sign up for it though, so get cracking!).

I won't go on too long but I'll say that I've had a great time playing in Hohenstaufen, collecting the kit and making the weapons. I could not have asked for a better bunch of fellow players, friends and drinking buddies and it has been a privilege to serve with you.

I would like to thank the dozens of people, not just in this group, who have shown their support over the last few days and I've been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of PM's I've received and, dare I say it, quite touched by it all. You've made things a bit easier for me to bear. I will be closing and deleting my previous thread on the subject (so the work Gestapo can't moan!).

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Topic starter Posted : 31/01/2009 11:20 am
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Pete, you took this group by the scruff of the neck and have turned it into something good. It would never have worked without you - your friendly, knowledgable approach has made this group what it is. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that you will always be an honourary member, and any assistance you want to offer us in the future will be gratefully received. :)


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Posted : 31/01/2009 12:01 pm
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Seconded of course Pete.

BTW - if there is anything useful long term that carries your name then let me know and I'll change the poster name to someone else.

Posted : 31/01/2009 12:17 pm
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Although I've not been part of the group long I can fully appriciate the effort you've put in to getting it where it is today. If it wasn't for your dedication who knows what the group would be like now. I just hope the rest of us can live up to your expectations and keep things moving forward.

Its not going to be the same having to go up against you all the time and I'm sure non of us is looking forward to being in your sights! Hopefully we'll get to fight along side you at least occassionally though with the likes of Die Glocke games.

As andy says you can always consider yourself an honourary member. I'm sure the knowledge you have amassed in the time you've been here will be extremely useful to us all and it just wouldn't be the same not to have you around.

Posted : 31/01/2009 12:28 pm
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Good luck on the Allied side


Posted : 31/01/2009 8:14 pm
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Very sorry that you've had this thrust upon you Pete, and you will be sorely missed from the Axis side.

Given that i'm putting together a US loadout - so I get to see the game from the Allies POV for a change - it will be an honour to get thoroughly shitfaced with your when we're both wearing the "wrong" uniform!

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Posted : 01/02/2009 6:23 pm
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all the best pete, i probably WONT see you in game, but you wil probably see and kill me

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Posted : 01/02/2009 10:47 pm
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Likewise to all of the above and sorry to lose you Pete from the squad. Just dont tell them about the 'grenade rain' planned for the PBI event

Also well done to JD7, Steiner and John M for ensuring that the show carries on!

Posted : 03/02/2009 7:46 pm