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[Sticky] The game in brief and in detail

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This event is Comrades in Arms third WW2 event based on events here in the UK. This one is is based on the real "Welsh Great Escape" in which 70 German prisoners escaped via a tunnel from Hut 9 in a POW camp in Bridgend, South Wales, on the evening of 10th March 1945.

The event takes us to the morning of 11th March when the gravity of the escape becomes horribly real. For the moment the escape hasn't been made public but it won't be long before the news spreads like wildfire - so the race is on to contain the situation and round up the escapees. Port, road and rail authorities have been alerted and the hope is to keep the crisis local.

British - PoW camp guards of miscellaneous Regiments and local Home Guard and local training group of British Airborne
German - officers of the SS, Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine

British - badged or unbadged British battledress in wool (preferably) or denim, helmets or forage caps. Denisons & maroon/grey berets/airborne helmet for British/Polish airborne. RAF service uniform. Civvie gear also acceptable (off-duty Home Guard) as well as 'character' - policemen, ARP wardens etc.
German - civilian escape gear

British - rifles (preferably) or SMG. Ammunition is strictly limited.
Germans - no weapons required but you may bring a small arm/shot gun/SMG/rifle

Close Action's Grafton Park near Kettering

Date and time
Game start - Noon 15th June, game ends Noon 16th June

£50 payable in advance

Player age
Comrades in Arms events are for over 18's only (at the time of the event)

Yes, hard standing and flat grass alongside car park - 'period'/canvas preferred.
There is NO water on site. There are NO toilets on site. There is NO catering on site.

Detailed info
The game concept is simple enough - the Germans have to escape the warm embrace of the British, the British have to shepherd Jerry back into custody alive.

Game plan
The German prisoners of war will move into the site. They have maps and objectives - they have been planning this escape for months and are not aimlessly trekking through the countryside! There might be a fifth columnist or two out there who could help with equipment and directions, but you will have to find them first. You may be lucky enough to be given a firearm.

Once a German is caught then it is game over. But you won't be sent on a long drive home, you will swap sides to the British and rejoin the game. If you are on the German side and you happen to have a British uniform then change once in British HQ/safe zone. If you don't have a British uniform to change into then no problem, slip on a Home Guard armband (we will supply) and re-enter the game as an off duty HG.

If you are not caught on the first day then you must stay out in the woods overnight, making use of your pre-packed bergan and create or find shelter (you did attend the CiA training days, right?). So, potentially a German player may be surviving for 24 hours on his wits alone - and needs to be prepared to do so.

There will be no shooting from dusk to dawn so at this point eye protection can be removed.
Players will need stout and waterproof footwear.
There will be little shooting so players are expected NOT to wear full face masks and things of that sort. Tripping over or getting prickled by brambles will be a hazard, getting a face full of full-auto BBs won't.
All players should bring a watch, compass and period-style torch.
Players (and particularly German escapees) should carry a whistle (any sort, modern or not) to summon help in an emergency.
We have qualified first aiders on site.
German escapees should consider working in pairs (or more) so that someone can get help in an emergency. In any case, is is quite possible you will be 'out there' for 24 hours - working together might produce better plans of action and give mutual support. Your game though, if you think you can go it alone and meet the objectives then that's fine!

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