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[Sticky] Game Details & questions, location, times, etc.

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British 1st Infantry Div. vs. Heer & Fallschirmjäger. Italy, Sept 1944.
Date: Saturday, 18th June 2011
Venue: Spec Ops Airsoft, Portland, Dorset. Sat-Nav: DT5 2EG
Price: £45

The Italian campaign had been long, arduous and frustrating. Allied predictions that the Wehrmacht would quickly retreat to the Alps after Italy left the war proved wrong. The Germans held tenaciously onto every inch of ground.

By September 1944 they had fallen back to another belt of prepared fortifications, the Gothic Line. This series of well defended mountains and passes that stretched across the breadth of Italy was the latest headache for the US 5th Army commander Mark Clark.

Clark aimed to bluff the Germans with a diversionary attack on the Futa Pass whilst the bulk of his troops punched through the German defenses six miles to the east at Il Giogo Pass. This proved to be a tough nut to crack, and when US II Corps found itself taking very heavy casualties for very little headway Clark looked to the British 1st Division to make the vital breakthrough along a winding mountain track codenamed Arrow Route.

Our event sees a platoon of British infantry tasked with securing a heavily defended pass in an inhospitable part of the North Apennine mountains. Mine clearance, reconnaissance, establishing OPs and secure lines of communication to II Corps are all required before the inevitable ground assault.
Meanwhile, the Germans must attempt to deny the British any chance to clear a route for Allied armour. They will have to patrol, cut field telephone lines and place snipers and booby traps to harass the British. They also need to establish forward observation posts for German artillery to support their infantry as they drive the Allies back down into the Liri Valley.

*****Practical Stuff***********

Camping is available Friday night and Saturday night. Period or non-period tents are fine. There will be two portaloos on the camping field.

Please do not arrive before 1600 on Friday. If you want to eat up some time, go and visit Bovington tank museum, which is pretty much en route. 8)

Latest time of arrival will be 10:30am Saturday. We need to register you, organise you (and you need to organise yourselves and your kit, etc) and get you deployed in your positions for the game to start at 12. BRIEFINGS WILL BEGIN AT 1100 SHARP.

We will be in game from 12 noon (sharp) until 8pm, without a break for lunch. So, make sure you have a hearty breakfast, and even a brunch before game on. There is water available at the site, but I suggest you bring your own anyway, because you will need to take any food and water with you when you are initially deployed. (Try as much as possible to keep modern containers and food out of general sight. Swedish canvas rucksacks can be bought for about 8 quid, and look the part.) Do not bring gunbags into the gaming area. It will be possible to get stuff from your car, if you absolutely have to, but try and manage without.

You may receive orders for your squad to be designated in reserve, which will allow you to pull back and have a brew / something to eat. Other than that, you will be on the front line, so fill your pockets with snacks to keep you going.

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just a quick one ,age limits ,i was thinking of bringing my lad age 12 along ,but before getting his hopes up and spending out on bdu's i thought i'd ask what the age limits are?

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Hi, sorry we should have published this. There is no lower age limit as such, but under 14s must have permission from a parent. If said parent is also playing, then that’s fine.

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Posted : 04/02/2011 2:51 pm
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"captured" Thompson will be fine.

Remember, there will be plenty of loaner kit around so don't break the bank getting a soup-to-nuts FJ rig (unless you want to)

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Just a random thought - isn't 18 June Waterloo Day?

i insist therfore that the FJ must adopt 'owtraguuussss french akseents' and pelt us with brie!

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i insist therfore that the FJ must adopt 'owtraguuussss french akseents' and pelt us with brie!

Err, I think you'll find it was us Prussians who pulled your nuts from the fire at Waterloo.

Looking forward to gifts of finest ale and roast beef from a grateful British nation.

Perhaps we could bring some French targets to shoot at


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Initial post has been updated with some practical details.

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