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Some Japanese phrases

Hirate Sakimori
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Some commands and phrases specific to Japanese IJA which might be useful in a skirmish. Notice most of these phrases are short and suitable for making a more authentic feel to small squad based skirmishes.
I have Romanised the Japanese words to their equivalent in English and also added a guideline in brackets for trans-literal pronunciation.

"Totsugeki!" (To-sooh-key) Charge! This phrase can be used by commanders and men, when charging towards an enemy... sometimes soldiers would use this shout to encourage themselves and those around them... sort of like the Soviet "Urraaah" or "Hurrah"

"Totsugeki seyo" (Toh-soo-key-si-yo) Charge over there! This phrase is more for officers and commanders but could be used by NCO's and first class privates to indicate an enemy position such as a particular strongpoint, or as more often a flank or weak spot towards which they are diverting their men to attack.

"Ike!" (Eee-Kerh) Attack! This is another word for attacking... pretty much the same way used as the English word.

"Wakata" (Wwaa-ka-taa) Yes Sir... an affirmative used by lesser ranks towards senior ranking officers or men above them.

"Hai" (Haaay) Yes another affirmative which literally means yes and was often used too.

Uchikata Yoyoi (Ooo-chi-kata Yo-oi) Prepare to fire

"Uchikata Hajime" (Ooo-chi-kata Haa-jee-may) Open Fire.

"Uchikata Yame" (Ooo-chi-kata Yaa-may) Hold your fire

"Yamero" (Yam-e-ro) Stop

"Uttei" (oooh-taay) Fire

"Utteime" (Oooh-taay-me) shoot over there... usually the officer would point out the target, can also be useful phrase for sniper spotters.

"Tekki o Hakken" (teh-key o-hakan) Enemy spotted!

"Esseihei" (Ess-See-hay) Medic! Aaah the most useful of phrases when a man is hit.

"Tattai" (ta-tay) Fall Back!/Retreat literally means give ground or fall back...contrary to the militant and ubber aggressive nature often imagined the Japanese sometimes did give ground... sometimes as a ploy to lure attackers into a trap.

"Rirodou" (Ree-rodu) Reloading!

"Tassukete kudasai" (tas-soo-ket koo-da-say) I need help/back me up another useful phrase in a firefight.

And last but not least the most popular and almost mandatory phrase in any period IJA outfit... "Tenno Haika Banzai" this one is harder to get translated exactly but "Tenno" is "God Emperor" and "Tenno Haika Banzai" is literally "Charge for the God-Emperor" or Long live the emperor. Despite popular stereotypes Banzai charges were not so common as might be suggested. The suicidal rushes did take place especially as the war prolonged and became more desperate... few of Japanese early success had anything to do with charging... most were outflanking moves and often double envelopments of larger opposing forces more like the Western Blitzkrieg tactics used by Wermacht.

Thank you for reading and if you would like any more useful phrases let me know.

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Great post Hirate, the Tarawa game is still 5 months off, so I guess even I should be able learn that lot in time for June! It certainly adds to the atmosphere when you hear the enemy shouting stuff you don't understand!

Posted : 31/01/2018 10:41 pm
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well for the last 13 months i have a learn Japanese cd in my pc drive , yet to use it lol

so here's hoping :)

Posted : 01/02/2018 8:59 am