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[Sticky] Kit and weapon guides - updated

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We've given you all a nice long lead time (6 months) for you to buy any bits you might need. :)


The Deutches Afrika Korps of 1943 wore a mixture of tropical and wool kit – as more replacements arrived, there was not enough tropical kit to be issued to every soldier. Below is a kit guide with lots of hints on how to save money and still achieve a good impression.
Uniform. Minimum requirement - tropical Heer tunic worn with wool Feldgrau trousers, and low boots – with or without gaiters. Note that the Heer tropical tunic is olive green, not sand-coloured. Cuff title not required. (Tropical Heer tunic and trousers would be ideal.)
Kit. Webbing can be a mix of canvas and leather, although the more canvas the better. N.B. Canvas spade carriers probably did not exist! Brown leather K98 pouches and spade carriers look very cool. If you have belt hooks, you won't need Y-straps, if you can't afford them. Note that canvas webbing was common on all fronts, not just in north Africa, so if you do buy any, it can be used again. And the tropical uniform was also worn in both Italy and the south of France (and obviously, it is the best-looking kit ever!).
A little bit of paint can go a long way in transforming your kit. Not everyone can go to the lengths of having multiple helmets, gas mask cannisters and mess tins (*cough* ), but a quick spray of dark tan / dunkelgelb paint on them will look great. It is also easy to remove afterwards – although, with the exception of the helmet, tan hardware was also commonplace from Normandy onwards.
Iconic though the M41 DAK cap is, in combat the Stahlhelm should be worn, please.
No camo (tunics, smocks or trousers) please (except rolled-up Zeltbahn).

Uniform. Tropical Luftwaffe uniform (sand-coloured) with green or Splittertarn jump smock.

Kit. Standard FJ M38 helmet and webbing.


Rough out boots, leggings, wool trousers, wool shirt, steel helmet, normal webbing - as per the kit guide here. You can ditch the jacket and gas mask bag, which would be accurate.


KD and / or wool BD / mix, trousers or shorts and hose tops. Webbing scrubbed – i.e. put it in the washing machine. (If you're needing to re-blanco it in the near future, you'll need to scrub it anyway! See Chomley's super guide to blanco: ... difficult/ )
Mk II helmet, tan or brown/green (NWE colour).


All sides, any WWII rifle, SMG or MG, but not MP44 or PPSh, please.

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Kit guide clarified and now including 5th FJ Regt. for Germans. 8)

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