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Hänschen klein
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OK now I have your attention you will see from our rules that we would like MG support weapons to be deployed and crewed, that way you can use as much ammo as you like. The only draw back is please no more than 500 rds in the magazine at any one time. So to continue to suppress the MG must be crewed by 2 people and every 500 rds will need to re load in the field.
This was brought about because we don`t want MG`s to have to keep trekking back to re load (They are dam heavy) nor do we want them to be unber weapons (someone told me the MG42 has a 2000 plus mag on it ), so 500 at a time simulates reloading barrel change etc.

Now I use a cunning ammo box looking like the real thing which have a space for 500 rds give or take the odd one.

How is this possible I hear you say, well it is not the black arts but a little Blue Peter magic, a Cornflake packet some glue and plenty of grit spit and ducktape.

1. use the template as a guide.
2. cut the back or front from a cornflake packet off. (You will use the plain grey cardboard on the outside as per real WW2 cardboard with all the advertising inside)
3. sellotape the template to the cardboard and then using sissors cut the template out.
4. make the box scoring the folds and gluing etc.
5. This is the technical challenging part you have to either find someone who can count to 500 or bribe one of your kids to do it .
6. Once you have 500 BB`s weigh then and remember how heavy they are. If you fail to note the weight go back to step 5
7. Place a piece of foam inside the box to fill the space apart from the space needed for the 500 BB`s.
8 put BB`s in and use a small white sticky label, think you can get them in WHSmiths and the like to hold the flap down.

Re useable 500 Rd BB containers and once you have the right amount of foam in you just fill them to the top no need for step 5

I have put little labels on but that is just me having too much time on my hands. The size of the box has been made so it fits inside a German MG ammo tin. The siz of my boxes are scaled to 8x4x6.5 to fit the ammo tin

If you want a template or German or Russian labels PM me with an e mail address and I will send you the files.

Enjoy :D-- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available --

Topic starter Posted : 23/03/2015 7:58 pm
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Excellent stuff, Gordon!

You've got nothing to ein, zwei, drei, vier

Posted : 23/03/2015 8:59 pm
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Surely sticky back plastic?

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Posted : 23/03/2015 9:00 pm
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thats a great idea :)


Posted : 23/03/2015 9:45 pm
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Rather than count them, bb's tend to be supplied by a particular weight.

Of course if you have kids and want them kept busy...

Posted : 23/03/2015 9:57 pm