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RULES will be updated!

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Ammunition limits

200 rnds per life for standard infantry rifle and SMG users.
1200 for MG's per life.
**LIFE TOKEN ammunition see below 8)


For this event we will be using a LIFE TOKEN system not the usual medic rules.
Each team will carry 2 boxes with cloth bags attached.
In each bag there will be a pre set number of LT's this will depend on each part of the days mission itinerary.
The general rule of thumb we are using is that we will give 3 lives for each person in a squad.
The Germans will have 2 wooden boxes with slots in the top and the Allies with have steel ammo boxes.
Each time a person is hit they should shout hit or cry out in pain (if they have a bandage they can attach it to their own arm or hold it in their hand to signify a hit) then go to the respective regen point and transfer a LT from the bag to the box.
**LIFE TOKEN for ammunition
We have an other new option for each team to consider LT's for ammo, if you are out of ammo and of no use in the battle you have the option to use up a life from the squad token supply.
If you are the trigger happy sort then this may get you into the bad books with the rest of your squad so you are warned

The reason we have 2 LT boxes per side is that during the day each team will have side mission objectives and hence need a second LT BOX. It is up to each side and squad to manage the remaining LT's per the importance of the mission and size of squad. The LT's are a force multiplier and need to be managed or the mission will fail.

The use of the LT system will reduce the ammount of lone wolfing that sometimes happens.
If you do lone wolf and get hit then you are walking dead until you re-join your squad for an LT.

When you are shot
When you are shot we think it best that you don't just shout HIT for more realism cry out in pain AHHHHH then if you have a bandage tie it on your own wrist or just hold it in the air and leave your location to walk to the LT box. Once you have put a LT in the box then go back into the game.


Any WW2 era Airsoft weapon is allowed. Players can choose the weapon they prefer, SMG, LMG, Rifle, Pistol or SOFT Close combat LARP weapons.
Bolt action rifles OVER 350 FPS BUT UNDER 500 FPS may be used with a MINIMUM engagement rage of 25m
All AEG's should be 350 FPS with a 0.2 BB.

If you have a LARP CQB weapon please bring it as it will be useful on the night missions. 8)

Period style torch/ flash light
Please bring a torch as we may be having a night mission.

Pyrotechnics things that go bang

To be updated if we have a list of pyro not to be used.
Up to now we are ok with all types of pyro commonly in use in airsoft to be brought and used by you except any home made or modified versions.
We will have a number of pyro effects used in this event, also if you have thrown a grenade or have seen one land please be aware we don't wish to set fire to Taffy's site so if you see a small fire start please let people know ASAP (this isn't a common occurrence so we don't expect a problem).

Vehicles used in the event
Any vehicles used in the event must be driven at a safe speed and with caution.
It is likely that if my jeep is on site it will be more of a kit transportation vehicle rather than a weapon so please don't fire on it and smash the windscreen etc.
It is intended that the tank will be in use by the Germans, we will try and provide a safe means to disable the tank in the style of Molotov as used in other events recently. No chemical pyro is to be thrown inside the tank due to overpressure that could cause hearing damage to an occupant.

The M3 Anti-tank gun will also be in use by the Germans.
Anyone that needs instruction on it's use will be trained, however it will probably be in automated mode and fire all by it's self pre-programmed. It is recommended that people do not stand close in front of this.

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