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[Sticky] Frequently asked questions - and their answers!

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Is a membership required to attend games?
Generally no - whilst there are some private WW2 games most are open to all.

What is the minimum age limit to attend games?
It depends which game. All Comrades in Arms WW2 games are 18+ but games organised by other sites and organisations will have their own specific rules and it's therefore best to ask when thinking about booking a game place.

Where is your HQ or base and usual place for skirmishes?
Most organisers have no base and organise games at suitable venues around the country. There are airsoft sites (such as Gunman Airsoft and First & Only Airsoft) that organise WW2 games and these may be held at their permanent sites or other locations.

Do you just show up to games or do you have to contact someone?
Generally, all WW2 games work a strict pre-booking system and can be done through this forum. Other organisations will allow booking through this forum or have alternative arrangements. You can't just turn up at a game - sides need to be balanced and organisers need to know in advance who is going to turn up.

I'm under 18 - can I buy an airsoft gun?
Sorry no. Since the VCRA (Violent Crimes Reduction Act) legislation was passed it is illegal for anyone to sell guns to under 18s and also for under 18s to buy guns. By 'guns' I mean RIFs (Realistic Imitation Firearms) or IFs (Imitation Firearm) - by which is meant anything that looks like it is a real gun to a layman. It possible for parents (say) to give an airsoft gun to an under 18 (provided they are allowed to buy them themselves as there is a whole bunch of rules for over 18s too). Some WW2 airsoft organisers will hire airsoft guns to under 18's for the game and this is perfectly legal.

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