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[Sticky] Further important information - please read!

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Operation Aerial - 5th July 2009

    1. Camping is available on Saturday 4th July along with the usual CiA social for those who wish to stay (details to follow), otherwise you'll need to be on site by 9am on Sunday 5th.

    2. This is a CiA WW2 enactment event. It isn't an open day or a blat in the woods. These events only work when players immerse themselves and play in character. You will be given orders and be expected to carry them out regardless of the consequences. The odds might be impossible - we expect you to die in the certain knowledge your death wasn't in vain and your country honours your sacrifice.

    3. This event will be tighter on kit levels than unusual as part of our progression to more 'believable' battles than somewhat relaxed events of past years. Out of respect for those members who are wearing authentic kit please take the time and trouble to look the part. The basic look is Feldgrau for Germans and BD (Army or Airforce) for Brits. No camouflage is to be worn by either side. More details of this to come. No US uniforms at all.

    4. Game fees include lunch and tea/coffee on Sunday 5th.

    5. Comrades in Arms has a minimum player age of 18 (at game date)

    6. Pyro may be used at this event but must be bought from FSA or approved by a member of staff before it can be used on site. If in doubt, ask. No other pyro is allowed (electric, home made etc) but 9mm BFGs are OK, rolled not thrown.

    7. The site limit is absolute maximum of 350fps with 0.2g 6mm bbs for all weapons listed here: AEGs, Pistols, shotguns, semi automatic rifles. Single shot bolt action rifles may be used up to 500fps but they MUST be used safely with a 25m engagement range. Any target within that range must not be fired at unless with a secondary weapon.[/list:u:17wytxk4]

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Just in case booked players are wondering, there will be no 'private' faction sub-forums for this event.
There is no need for endless devious 'tactics' or complex squad formations and there are just three simple rules to follow:

1. Listen to your orders
2. Follow your orders
3. Keep you superior officers fully informed at all times of events unfolding in the field.

Germans: You are a disciplined and well organised group whose superior officer has little time for tardiness, disobedience, slacking or skiving. His bite is worse than his bark. There is a job to be done and he is in no mood to allow the promise of promotion to slip him by.

Allies: You are fighting for your lives and your only hope of survival is to slavishly follow your officer's command. One false move, one careless footstep, may not only lead to a stay in a POW camp for the duration at best, but the deaths of 20 good men at worst. Keep you chin up by all means but never drop your guard.

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CiA's number one rule is 'Don't be a cock'. Anything that spoils the enjoyment of others falls squarely in this category.
Please use common sense at all times!

No player radios are allowed for this event

Ammo limits
1. All players 300 rounds per 'life' - you may carry loose ammo on your person for convenience but you can only have a new stock of ammo by returning to designated 'regen' points
2. Support gunners are allowed 2000 rounds
3. Players may be informed of further ammo restrictions during the event
4. Pyro up to MK5 is OK if used sensibly BUT must be of TLSFX manufacture and if not bought on-site then must be approved before play by Tyreal. 12 Gauge BFGs are OK
Note: If you only have, say, one 150rnd mag then you may 'top up' to the 300rnd limit in-game but please be aware that other players may perceive this the wrong way. Clearly, anyone using a bolt action gun are very unlikely to reach 300rnds and WILL be reloading in-game and probably under fire.

Medic rule
1. You will each be issued with a field dressing which must be carried on your person.
2. When hit you must register this clearly - with a loud cry of 'medic', 'sani', 'stretcher bearer' or 'hit' along with a raised hand. This signal is recognised as hit by all and cannot be misinterpreted. (Also see knife kill rule below, which over-rides this rule).
3. You can fall to the ground or slump against a tree (for example) for effect but please make sure that it is clear you are now non-combatant. For complete clarity, stand still, rifle beside you and arm raised. If you don't make your 'hit' status clear you are liable to be shot again. And again.
4. Your dressing may be administered by anyone - there are no designated medics. For fun you can put a dressing where the player was hit but think first. Will it be clear to other players he has been hit? Don't try and sneak a bandage on an extended foot, this isn't an open day. If you are in any doubt then the usual bandage tied round the arm is the best bet.
5. Hit players may be 'dragged' a short distance into cover.
6. Players who are wearing a bandage and are hit again are seriously wounded and must evacuate immediately to a field hospital (regen point) - they can return to the game straight away.
7. If you are hit and can't be reached then 'bleed out' after ten minutes. Do not walk away when hit if you know there is no hope of being mediced - there is a prisoner rule and you will deprive the enemy of an opportunity.
8. Each side will have their own regens, marked by national flags (Germans) or flags & signs (Brits)

Prisoner rule
1. Either side may take prisoners by medicing a hit enemy.
2. Prisoners must be taken to either German HQ or a designated British secure point.
3. Prisoners must be guarded with a ratio of no more than three prisoners per guard.
4. Prisoners may not effect their own release and are considered unarmed.
5. Should guard ratio fall for any reason then they are all automatically released, otherwise they may be held for a maximum of 30 minutes (to give time for a rescue operation to be put into effect).
Note: The prisoner rule is discretionary and is there to deny the enemy of men for tactical reasons. There are no 'points' to be had!

Knife kill
1. If you are close enough to touch a player then whisper ‘knife kill’
2. Recipient does not cry out but slumps to the ground. If you are not found then you must bleed out in 10 minutes and return to regen. A silent death prevents a position being given away.
3. Do NOT grab an enemy or wave a knife around, even if rubber. You do NOT have to carry a knife to effect a knife kill - a gentle tap on the shoulder/leg/arm with the hand is sufficient. This is not a contact sport so no man-handling please.
4. Real bladed knives/bayonets may be carried but must NEVER be removed from scabbards in-game.
Note: There seems to be a lot of confusion over the ‘Bang’ rule. It isn't a rule as such, just a courtesy. It cannot be used if out of ammo or caught with 350fps+ gun below minimum engagement distance or if there is ANY chance of a miss. Remember, it is only there to prevent hurt to fellow players NOT as a tactical device. A single shot to the middle of body mass will leave no room for doubt.

Calendar shoot
All female players are required to participate in a risque photo shoot for the 2010 Comrades in Arms calendar. Theme: "It Ain't Half Hot Mum."-- attachment is not available --

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Quick reminder of timings:

If you are camping on site on Saturday 4th please arrive on site no earlier than 1800hrs. There will be plenty of daylight hours to pitch your tent!
If you are arriving on Sunday 5th please arrive no later than 0900hrs to give yourself time to prepare. Briefing will be at 0915-0930, deployment at 0945, game-on at 1000hrs.

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This event will be run continuously from game-on to endex.

Each side will have lunch (suitable for veggies and non-veggies) brought out into the battlefield HQs - you will require a mess tin and spoon (of some description, don't stress about authenticity).

The car park is adjacent to the gaming area but it would be great if players didn't return to vehicles until endex unless really vital. To this end please bring sufficient bb's/batteries/gas with you in-game. If you don't want to carry it then chuck spare kit in a rucksack and deposit it at HQ when you are able to. Please DON'T bring 20 guns into the game nor modern gun bags. If your gun does tits-up then you may return to your car and sort yourself out BUT ask the permission of your commander first, don't just wander off. In fact why not turn it into a challenge? On a temporary basis have a go at just using a pistol or switch to duties that don't require you to be armed such as runner, engineer, observer.

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One vital piece of kit soooo many players forget to bring - a watch.
Both commanders will be setting tasks, RVs and rotations by time.

Its a bit rubbish when given the instruction:
'Three men scout to the west of the river and report back enemy movements and positions by 1100hrs'
'But sir, how will we know when to get back?'
'Why, can't you tell the time?'
'No sir, we forgot our watches. :oops: '
'Well use your initiative then, make a fecking sun dial. :evil: '

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To protect player's delicate soft hands you might consider popping a pair of leather gloves into a spare pocket. It is a tad farby but you might find protection from brambles/nettles is a good idea - no need to wear them all game, just whip 'em out when things get tough!

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DO NOT forget your own supply of water.

Although it should be cooler by the weekend, I don't fancy having to treat anyone for heat stroke or dehydration. You'll need to be drinking about a litre an hour if it's as hot as it is now and you are exerting yourself.

A couple of 5 litre bottles of water will only set you back a couple of quid.

Some dioralyte for the end of the battle will replace all the lost sugars and salts and prevent you getting the headache from hell on the way home.

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If you haven't played at FSA before then it would be very useful if you could print off and fill in the site insurance waiver form.
Don't worry if you can't/forget - I'm sure Alex will have forms on-site, it will just save a little time that's all.

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