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[Sticky] Kit requirements

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Since this is an early war scenario we are trying to be as close to the period look as possible (else why have an early war scenario!).

With this in mind permissible kit is rather more restrictive than normal and we would appreciate players taking this on board. If anything, the early war look should be the easiest to achieve since 'no frills' might be the guideline!

There will be no non-period weapons for this event (no AKs, MP5s, M249s etc) - the one exception is the M14 which will be allowed. Also the StG44 will not be allowed since even at a distance it screams very late war and we consider it to be too anachronistic for this event.
Our preference is for players to use bolt action guns. If this is not possible then any period wood stocked rifle is fine but will be used on single shot (the M14 is fine).
If you don't have bolt action or semi-auto rifles then sub-machine guns are OK but the hope is that these will be in the minority.
Support guns can be any WW2 period machine gun.
We are presuming that those that have pistols will have period ones anyway.
Ammo limit will be 300 rounds for all players apart from support gunners.
The hope is that at 20 yards everything will look reasonably right even though some concessions have been made to available kit. And by putting the emphasis on single shot combined with lower ammo limits the battle will pan out somewhat more realistically too.

This is not a front line set-piece battle. The Germans are occupational forces sweeping through the Norman countryside and therefore generic Heer would be the preference. If you only have SS kit then please consider removing cuff titles etc. or changing them to a division that was in existence then. Now might be the time to buy that M36 Heer tunic you have been promising yourself! Be creative - the M36 greatcoat is a fantastically iconic piece of kit and covers all underneath, although you take the gamble its not going to be a sweltering July day (alternatively having a laugh at the other players being soaked on the wettest day in July!).
Feldgrau uniforms only - no camo smocks or uniforms.
Helmets not M43 caps.
Chaps have already been discussing uniform detail elsewhere in this section so it would be worth having a look through that.

The Allied forces are stragglers left behind and all organised evacuees for Op Ariel have long since gone. Players have a wider than normal choice of kit from RAF air or ground crew through British infantry to Polish & French soldiers. They have been on the run for a while so parade ground completeness of kit is unnecessary. Plenty of 51st (Lowland) Division were involved in Ariel so there will be much kiltage in evidence. Those wearing British battledress need no badging at all, tommy helmets would be very iconic and universally worn and is the preferred headdress, with sacking covers so much the better.
Chaps have already been discussing uniform detail elsewhere in this section so it would be worth having a look through that.

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