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[Sticky] Booked Players and Booking Information

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Unternehmen Herbstnebel - 14th December 2008

This is the official booking thread. As with previous games, once you have booked and payment has cleared your name will appear on this list.

Before you book some words about the event.

    1. Camping is available on Saturday 13th December for those who wish to stay (details to follow), otherwise you'll need to be on site by 9am on Sunday 14th.

    Please make sure you bring adequate cold-weather equipment for camping in December. Tents, 3-season sleeping bags and plenty of warm and wet-weather clothes are a must. As is adequate food and water.

    2. This is our 2nd Anniversary Game and as such we have a surprise in store for Comrades in Arms members. If you aren't already a member please fill in the forms and get registered before the game day. It's free, the only requirement is that you've played at one of the seven previous CiA games. When booking please ensure you include your CiA Membership Number. Details on membership are at:


    3. Usual CiA rules regarding kit and weapons:


    4. Game fees include lunch and tea/coffee on Sunday 14th.

    5. Comrades in Arms has a minimum player age of 18 (at game date)[/list3u02pzwt]


    Payment is in full £30 and can be paid in three ways:

    -Paypal to
    -Cash or cheque payable to 'Comrades in Arms' and sent to:

    Include your full name, forum name, CiA Membership Number (if applicable) and side playing.

    20 places a side to start with; although we will go up to 30 per side if we can keep the sides balanced.

    Game fees are non-refundable however your place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player, you can use the forum for this purpose. We only ask that your transfer keeps the sides balanced. If you want to swap sides it must be approved by CiA organisers before transfer.


    German - Any Uniform

    Old 'Un Shouter
    Kermit Grumbler

    1. Peter Dunn (SGT.Heide) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    2. Del Scott (JD7) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    3. Andy Kneale (Steiner) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    4. Keith Lang (Forester) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen Felgendarmerie [MEMBER]
    5. Anthony Gregory (Porta) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    6. Gary Barton (Platoon1) - Waffen SS [MEMBER]
    7. David Barrat - Waffen SS [MEMBER]
    8. Cliff Archer (Dot44) - Waffen SS [MEMBER]
    9. Che Sanderson (Che) - Fallschirmjäger Regiment [MEMBER]
    10. Richard Cartwright (mi-go-a-go-go) - Waffen SS [MEMBER]
    11. Dan Hughes - Waffen SS [MEMBER]
    12. Steve Davies (SteveD) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    13. Carl Sanderson (Fandanglos) - Fallschirmjäger Regiment [MEMBER]
    14. Bob Kynaston (BobbyK) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    15. Paul Sterling (Pinkpanzer) - Waffen SS [MEMBER]
    16. John Marsden (John M) - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    17. Richard Vaughan (Lardassmonkey) - German Heer [MEMBER]
    18. Scott Hawkins (Snyper) - Fallschirmjäger Regiment [MEMBER]
    19. Stuart Dunn - 9th SS Hohenstaufen [MEMBER]
    20. Paul Gregory (Tiny) - Panzer Div
    21. Chris Newstead (Hopeless) - Waffen SS
    22. Gavin Crompton (Peppered) - Heer
    23. Stephen Morley - Heer
    24. Trevor Court (slap head) - Waffen SS
    25. Mark Lawson (panzerlied) - Waffen SS
    26. Paul Hadfield (dayglowfroggy) - Heer

    US/British/Canadian - Any Uniform

    Chomley-Warner Pervy
    Major Stephen 'Headshot' Badham - E Co/2nd BN/505th PIR/82nd ABN Hoofer

    1. Matt Webb (Webby) - US 82nd Airborne [MEMBER]
    2. Nigel Cheetham (scaleyback) - British Airborne [MEMBER]
    3. Peter Grice (Pete_59) - British SAS [MEMBER]
    4. Richard Heath (Yith) - Ox and Bucks 2nd Battalion Airborne [MEMBER]
    5. Alex Birch (Spiers) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    6. Nigel Kerr (Oddball) - US [MEMBER]
    7. John West (taffyjohn) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    8. Ranjit Philora (CHThree) - British Airborne [MEMBER]
    9. Steve Ashworth (SgtAsh) - US Airborne[MEMBER]
    10. Barrie Quin (Barrie and Anne) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    11. Anne Quin (Barrie and Anne) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    12. Doug McCarthy (armourerdoug) - US Airborne Medic [MEMBER]
    13. Jon Steele (jonsteele) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    14. Rupert Brookes (Rupe) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    15. Nick Wilson (Tug Wilson) - US Infantry [MEMBER]
    16. Nick Daniells (Airborne55) - US Airborne [MEMBER]
    17. Craig Armistead (Wladek) - British Airborne
    18. Iain Kier - US 82nd Airborne
    19. David Mindham (Horus) - British Airborne
    20. Jonathan Knight (juliet kilo) - US Airborne
    21. John Grieve (Ramsay00105) - Ox and Bucks 2nd Battalion Airborne
    22. Dean Armistead (Lipton) - US 82nd Airborne
    23. Fraser Newton (Fraz984) - British Airborne
    24. James Tansley (meandog) - US Airborne
    25. Ed Davidson (Panther) - Ox and Bucks 2nd Battalion Airborne
    26. Jonathan Limebear - US Airborne
    27. Chris Tarpey (TARPEY) - US Airborne
    28. Paul Saunders (Wraith666) - British Airborne 2nd South Staffs
    29. Robert Tansley (lacutos) - US Airborne
    30. Phil Edge (Bongo) - US Airborne

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Allied bookings now full. No further Allied bookings will be taken.

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