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[Sticky] REMEMBER !

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Gates open at 8am and need to be on site for 9am, after that you risk not getting in , after 9.15 you got no chance

we have amaccies right by us , so its a good start to the day

when driving through the paintball fields bit , drive slow and careful

Need to be ready for 9.30 at the latest for the brief for game on at 10 - i wont hold up the game for 1 person

We cant get off site till 4.30 pm

Bring LUNCH - we will be breaking for lunch - if you want to bring a small camper stove etc to cook something fast you can :)


NO Guns above 360 max FPS we dont have any sniper limits, if it fires above 360 at all dont bring it

All guns to be chroned in the morning

Bring your happy face - we never had a problem yet and i dont want one this game lol

Read the rules :)

Bring 2 bandanges if you have them , if not we have some

If you play Nam as well talk to me on the day :)

if any wants to pay there deposit for the weekender later in the year you can :)

Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2015 4:52 pm

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Maccys Breakfast?! HELL YES. I will be there from 5:30 am to ensure this happens!

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Posted : 09/01/2015 7:19 am

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I've never had a happy face :P

Posted : 09/01/2015 1:37 pm