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[Sticky] the result on the day

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I really must stop posting things and not clicking submit ahhh thought this was up already :(

The Allies have finally pushed through Avelino and are heading towards the town of Benevento. However, a large force of Germans have dug in along Calore river and have orders to hold the line.
Allied command has mustered a few units to hit these defenders fast and hopefully distract them so that the main army will be able to circumvent them. The task won’t be easy with the Germans having superior numbers and time to dig in, booby trap (and blow themselves up) and mine the area.

after going through all the missions it was very very close, with the brits once again just doing the most

the war effort scores were ....

Allied 900

Axis 880

so very close, but special mention to the germans and all there LMgs they managed to dig in at there last camp and keep back wave and wave of allied attacks

So the allied force managed to distract the axis for long enough but could just not over come them at the last hurdle, but the main allied force has got past and is closing in on Benevneto - so we are off to Benevento in August , which is out weekender - saturday willbe mission based , where as sunday will be a more normal style game - we have some great props there and plenty of stuff will be getting blown up (hopefully not phil blowing himself up or me blowing half a 34th squad up)

as it stands that game will be capped at 80 players for the weekend unless both sell out and we can add another squad maybe , those that played there last year know what a great site this is for ww2 games and will be a cracking weekend

also if any one is thinking of getting your deposits in , if you do before sunday it will go straight into our prop fund for stoneleigh sunday

and if any one workfs for fray bentos lets us know as we need a load of mines ;)

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