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[Sticky] Operation Husky

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July 28th 1943 - Sicily, Italy.

Following the chaotic landings of the 9th and 10th July on the southern coast of Sicily, Allied forces - split into two army groups comprising of the 7th US, under General Patton, and the 8th British with elements of the Canadian 1st, under General Montgomery - have regrouped and fought a tough and testing battle against German and Italian forces through the southern and western parts of the island forcing the Axis troops towards Mount Etna.

Both the British and US armies have now linked up with their Airborne elements and reached Agira and Nicosia respectively, but the Germans and Italians have established deeply entrenched positions and are fighting fiercely to avoid evacuation to Calabria.

Fighting as two separate US and British armies, the Allies' intent is to push through this impasse towards Messina and force a mass surrender of German and Italian troops before they have the opportunity to retreat across the Straight of Sicily. However, the Axis forces do not intend to give up the fight and are reinforcing their troops from the mainland in order to attempt a major counter-attack and defeat the invaders.

Italian resistance and fascist sympathisers are known to be operating in the area and elements of each group have been seen colluding with their respective forces. They are known to have excellent knowledge of the area and superb guerrilla fighting skills and will be important in the success of both sides' planning, defence and attack.

More information on the CiA website:

The Sides

20 German (Heer, Fallschirmjäger) and Italians (any unit) - usual CiA game rules for kit and weapons.
20 US and British/Canadians, any unit - usual CiA game rules for kit and weapons
5 Italian Civilians

Initially this is booked for 20 a side with 5 civilians although we will have a reserve list which will be opened up as long as the sides remain balanced.
Note: SS units did not fight at Sicily - although SS badged-up feldgrau wool and HBT uniforms are fine, no SS camo though please.

The Venue

Ex-Site's site at Maeshafn near Mold in Wales. An incredibly varied site incorprating moorland, heaths, water, woodland and a hill big enough to feel like Mount Etna!

All sides will be in one large camp which will also act as a safezone. Players wishing to stay on site on Friday 29th may do so with the usual camping and light social. You will need to be on site by 9am on Saturday.

Cost £45 including camping.

Booking thread now open.

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Pistols - Unlimited in Mags
All rifles SMGS etc 600 rounds loose or in mags per 'life'
Support Weapons 3000 rounds per 'life'

Players may leave ammo at the CP to re-arm or you are trusted to carry it with you. Re-arming can only happen at a CP or Regen - if you run out of ammo before you die then you must leave the game as if you were dead, go to CP/regen and load up.

To take advantage of the 5x ammo limit support weapons must be used in a deployed mode, ie bipod on the ground or shoulder of a non-shooting team mate. If you are going to tote around and use a weapon as a personal weapon then you have the normal 600 round limit.

Ammo can be used in low, mid, or high caps as you fancy, total ammo carried counts.

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Medic rules

All players will be issued a personal bandage which must be carried in a pocket at all times.

When you are hit you must shout out 'HIT' as loudly as possible - raise an arm, lower your weapon or place it on the ground and make it very obvious to an opponent that you are hit, wave your bandage in the air if it helps. You have no cause for complaint if you are re-shot because you didn't make it clear enough. Bear in mind there is often a lot of noise in a game (an AEG firing at your shoulder is close to your ear and masks extraneous sounds) so feeble shouts of HIT will not be sufficient.

You may then call for a medic by shouting 'Medic' (US), 'STRETCHER BEARER' (Brit) or 'SANI'/'SANITATOR' (German). Any other player may medic you - hand him your bandage and have it applied to your wrist ONLY. You are then back in the game.

If you are hit again (whilst wearing a bandage) you are dead and must leave the game and return to a CP or designated regen. There you can remove the bandage (returning it to your pocket) and return to the game as a new player. You can take this opportunity to restore your ammunition to maximum levels.

If there have been designated medics (they carry a medic satchel) then they may remove a player's bandage in-game thus restoring a player's health. The role of medic can't change by passing a bag between players - should a medic want to swap roles with another player then this must be done at a CP or regen.

Anyone administering a bandage becomes non-combatant for the duration of the first aid. If you are applying a bandage to someone you can't be returning fire with the other hand!

Injured and dead players don't talk - verbal or non-verbal communication may not be made with other players.

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Period weapons may be used by either side of the conflict. Airsoft gear is rather restricted for the period and in any case captured weapons were a reality - no problem with having Axis using Thompsons or Brens, for example, because that's what happened. The market is changing quite rapidly with the advent of Chinese 'cheap-soft' guns. The M14 and MP40 are excellent buys whether bought in this country or imported privately and a Thompson is now also in the offing.

Whilst we would be delighted if all players turned up with period weapons we recognise that a huge number of airsofters that would like to participate would be excluded. So, if you don't want to buy something expensive we would ask that you consider a Chinese cheap-soft weapon before using a looks-like weapon. However, we have drawn up a list of weapons which can be used on a ‘looks-like’ basis so that the look and feel of a WW2 scenario holds good - at least at a short distance.

Weapons not on the list may be used but will be designated semi-auto only (most WW2 weapons were bolt action or semi-auto). Likewise, the approved 'looks-like' list may be used by either side but the fire setting must be set as the designated weapon. For example, M14's are fine but in semi-auto only.

Approved 'looks-like' weapon list.
If you come up with something not on the list and you think it should be then by all means post on our forum, bound to be something we haven't thought of.

MP5 = MP40 or Sten auto
M14 = Garand/G43 semi-auto
M14 / bipod must be used deployed = BAR auto
AK47 & AK74 with full stock = MP44 auto
AK47 & AK74 folding stock = MP40 auto
Any bolt action sniper without scope = K98/M1/Enfield single
Any bolt action sniper with scope = K98/Springfield/Enfield single
M249 or M60 must be used deployed = MG34/43, Bren or M1919 30cal (suitably converted with a card tube barrel cooler/cover then its a Vickers) auto

Any pistol with standard magazines.

Absolutely not permitted are vision aids of any kind (ACOG, red-dot, scopes etc) unless you are using a designated sniper rifle in which case a scope is fine.
Silencers (unless MP5 = Sten)
Any other furniture must be removed from RIS rails (tac lights, lasers etc) and other modern gubbins such as mag clamps.

Players assuming a support weapon role will be required to deploy before firing - bipods erected where fitted and be prone or have gun supported on wall/sandbag etc

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First post in thread updated as there was a timings clash from what was originally stated to what is now planned.

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