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[Sticky] Operation Jedburgh - July weekender

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CiA would like to announce our 'Operation Jedburgh' event at IED's Glyn Ceriog site (Wrexham) in North Wales.

Date is Saturday 10th and Sunday the 11th July 2010.
Price £40


Germans - 30+ places

You will operate from a fixed base, with tents, warm beds, vehicles, and hot brews a-plenty. No sleeping in foxholes for you. The event will run for the full 24 hours, although you will be tasked into squads and rotated to ensure that you all get some good periods of rest. The event will continue until all the Allies are caught, and they have the options of attacking at any point during the duration. Therefore the traditional Saturday night piss up is not on the cards, although sitting round some warm camp fires with small bottles of schapps may be in order. You will run the risk of attack at all times, you will not be able to drop your guard.

We are going for a more period look than previously, so you will need a period style tent, either zelts, large canvas or pup (or a mate you can share with). No modern nylon tents at all, and no gas cookers, please bring esbits or spirit cookers or cook on the open fire. Modern sleeping bags & bivi bags are ok as long as they are hidden inside your tent arrangement. CiA has tentage to lend out, please ask if you need it.

Uniform is Feldgrau/HBT, Cammo smocks etc ok. No weapons limitation other than standard CiA rules.

Jedburgh Team places - 9 places maximum, working in squads of three

You will operate with what you can carry on your back. You will need to be physically fit and competent at navigating around 700 acres. The event is mentally more than physically punishing, do not underestimate this. Your missions will be given to you in the run up, and you may not necessarily start in one large group. You will have to live off the land, picking up supplies of extra food and ammunition from caches. With luck you may find some parachute containers with some warm sleeping bags..... if you get caught you could end up sitting in a German prison for a numbers of hours.

Minimum requirements are a compass (modern is fine), some form of shelter, zelt or rubberised Brit poncho, and a modern sleeping bag. If you want some kip during the night you will need to construct a shelter.

Uniform can be any appropriate British or US or Civvy along with a Denison. No weapons limitation other than standard CiA rules.

SAS Team places - 12 places maximum, working in squads of four
You will have the relative luxury of tentage and be in a safe enough location to have the ability to build fires and keep warm and well fed. You are in enemy territory so you are not living in luxury, your encampment isn't permanent and it isn't home from home. But you won't have it quite as hard as the Jeds.

Uniform can be any appropriate British kit for SAS and can be mixed dress (interspersed with U.S items, even the odd bit of civvy). No weapons limitation other than standard CiA rules.

Booking threads will open beginning of April 2010. There is no requirement for secret booking and the system will be as normal.

This will be more living history, MILSIM, whatever you want to call it, than before. If you want to live in 1944 for a full weekend, at constant threat of being attacked on either side, and feel what it was really like for the men at the time, then this is the one event this year where you will get that opportunity. You will have heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping moments as well as mind numbingly boring episodes. You may even not get to fire a shot all weekend. You will be working as a team toward collective goals and under military command. You will be tested physically and mentally. War is hard work and serious business. Yet paradoxically, within this pressure, mankind has the ability to find lighter moments, jollity and enjoyment.

There will be no social event on Saturday night, both sides will be operational until midnight, some squads working through the night (if they have the will) and both sides up at first light on Sunday morning. However, we will have an after-game BBQ/get together at Sunday lunchtime.

In preparation for this event Sgt Heide will be running a training event based around survival, operating 'behind the lines', mental preparedness, keeping warm, living rough, hit and run techniques.

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This event will run from 1200hrs on Saturday through until 1200hrs Sunday.

Main actions will cease at midnight although there will be the opportunity for those keen enough to work through the early hours. All men will be ready for action at first light.

As there will be no social get together on the Saturday night we will have a Sunday BBQ after the event on Sunday.

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