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[Sticky] Will I like hardcore?

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The concept behind this event is to give a feeling of "being there". Stepping back sixty six years to occupied France with Allies undertaking immensely dangerous work of operating behind enemy lines.

So, within the bounds of most players not being spring chickens, and being an airsoft event, we are trying to provide a tense and fairly accurate scenario without losing sight of the fact that players are there to have fun. Along the way though we do hope that players get some sort of insight into what it might have been like for the ordinary (and extraordinary) soldier.

Starting with the Germans then. The German forces are well disciplined and well organised. They know that the Allies are breaking out of Normandy and that enemy agents and local resistance are active in the area. So much nuisance is being caused that it is only same you move out in coordinated formations - one man patrolling on his own will surely be picked off, never to return. The Germans will be patrolling, maintaining secure areas, guarding and interrogating prisoners, searching for terrorists and spies, locating enemy quarters, listening for enemy radio transmissions and so on. They will have a proper encampment - dry tents, fires, hot food, and will be working in rostas alternating work with rest. They will probably be on constant alert but lead a comfortable life, as far as a soldier's life is comfortable.

The SAS have found shelter with the resistance. The area is reasonably secure although a guard must be maintained at all times. There is tentage and cover for comfortable rest and discreet hot cooking is certainly possible. They have a heavy and dangerous workload with tasks to perform in order to disrupt German activities and hinder troop movement. German patrols are everywhere and a state of alert must be maintained in order to move camp at a moments notice, should the need arise. Preservation of life is paramount - losing men would be a disaster. Massed assaults are out of the question and they must know the terrain like the backs of their hands with escape routes and diversionary plans at the backs of their minds.

The Jedburgh teams a free moving groups with no fixed base. Everything they need to eat and sleep must be carried on their backs (or found). No comfy tents for them, they are living by their wits. Their task is to keep London informed, collect intelligence and coordinate with the local SAS/maquis. They will studiously avoid any contact with the enemy and may have to endure an hour or two hidden in one position until the coast is clear to move on. Their radio is their lifeline - failure to make timed calls to London may give suspicion of a compromised team. They are not Hollywood commandos charging about all guns blazing, but quiet, resourceful, patient, adventurous and determined soldiers.

Back to the question then. Will I like hardcore?
The Germans will have a normal CiA playing style - nothing especially hardcore but have to bear in mind that they are a disciplined force. Beyond that there should be plenty of time for relaxing in camp, having a brew or a game of cards.
The SAS again will have a normal CiA weekender feel to it. Tents to sleep in, hot food to eat. But they will be on edge the whole time and timed rest periods won't be likely - needing to up-sticks at a moments notice will mean that the much looked forward to brew will just have to wait for an hour or two.
The Jeds though will be a hardy lot. They have to carry their world on their shoulders (not to mention 40lb radio packs) and live by their wits. Being well trained though they know how to keep dry and warm and make shelter when they need it. A drop of rain won't phase them, nor being unable to eat a proper meal for hours on end.

If players could bear the above in mind when they book please - if you don't mind roughing it for just 24hrs of your life (and more than that, will relish it) then Jeds is for you. Otherwise German or SAS is the somewhat more civilised option.

By the way, Allies are strongly advised to avoid capture. Luckily for them, contrary to orders, prisoners won't be shot on sight but will be held and interrogated. No panzy 'regens' for Allies for this event! Hmmm, perhaps not so lucky then.

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