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[Sticky] Game Setting

Hänschen klein
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Netherlands, October 1944 upon the failing of Operation Market Garden an operation was devised in order to liberate the middle and Western sections of the North Brabant Province through a strong thrust westward on the axis from Hertogenbosch to Breda.

The British 49th Polar Bear Division along with the 4th Canadian Armoured Division moved in the direction of Breda. The Polar Bears were to attack towards Loenhout, to exploit the breakthrough and move up the main road to Wuustwezel in Operation Rebound.

On 20 October Rebound started with a barrage where British troops moved forward bypassing some strong-points to be mopped up by supporting troops, and reached an area known as 'Stone Bridge'.

The spearhead was halted by German held woods, and many obstacles. This is where our story takes over.

Is you rifle squad fighting for King and Country pushing the Germans back to their borders or are you digging in to hold back the Tommie’s buying time for the main army to prepare the counter-attack

Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2020 7:21 pm