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[Sticky] Postponed

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Hänschen klein
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It is with regret that we will have to Postpone this event until such times that it can be set up again due to uncertainty on Government guidelines for this type of outdoor activity.

We have made enquiries with the site owner already for a date this year to reschedule the event and we may have an opportunity to stage it later on maybe in September. Fingers crossed.

As I said before we are all ready to go and we have even built a nice large prop bespoke for the event which is in my carport. :whistle:

In the coming days Matty will refund you your money so please look out for it in your pay-pal account, if there any problems drop us a line.

All players who have already booked will receive a heads up before we go live to the public, so as not to loose out on a place

The upside is it will be a great game when it gets off the ground and hopefully it will give people more time to build or get a rifle to join in.

Gutted of Surrey :(

Posted : 13/05/2020 6:39 pm
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I'll start the refunds tonight and will hopefully be done by the end of the week. Refund will be to the PayPal account that you paid from so keep an eye out for out.

Let me know if you have any issues; hopefully see you all at the rescheduled event!

Posted : 13/05/2020 6:56 pm
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Sorry you've had to postpone. Hopefully not for too long. Looking forward to the rescheduled game!

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Posted : 13/05/2020 8:13 pm
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Sad to hear the game is postponed. Refund received, thank you. Looking forward to the rescheduled game. Stay safe, Andy.

Posted : 13/05/2020 10:03 pm
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All the refunds now done, so you should have the cash back in your Paypal account all.

Posted : 14/05/2020 4:16 pm
Dada Phlott
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Received, thank you. Gives me more time to try and get that Lee Enfield sorted so I can switch sides :good:

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Posted : 14/05/2020 4:44 pm
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Refund received many thanks and will keep an eye out for the rescheduled game. :good:

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Posted : 15/05/2020 12:15 am