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Smle stock

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Although I have a lovely Tanaka k98 (g33) and a home built No4 both of these are gas rifles and are not happy running sub 350 especially during the summer months. So I decided to invest in one of these smle kits that are built to fit a VSR, one of the most reliable platforms there is. I bought a JG Bar 10 from Taiwan gun and intend using that for the workings. My intention is to end up with a 1 joule rifle that will suffice for all my ww2 airsoft needs. I recon that with some investment with hop and bucking I can still get decent range and accuracy.
For me it is not about watering down airsoft, if I want a high power rifle I have my Tanaka but if I want a rifle with no minimum engagement distance then I will have that option available to me.
I have read criticism that the Tarring Carving rifle isn't accurate but in the rules of the old days, if it looks right ten feet away the it will be fine. I expect I will tinker with it and I'll post up pictures and results as I get them. The major problem is they build these kits to order, allegedly with a four week lead time and patience is not my greatest virtue

Topic starter Posted : 15/01/2020 10:24 pm
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These look rather nice, might have to order one myself!

Posted : 17/01/2020 7:08 am
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Not seen those before , looks perfect for our needs , not 100% replica but then you get all the vsr aftermarket support you could want !

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Posted : 14/02/2020 5:27 pm
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Gah it's super short, probably to accommodate a stock VSR inner barrel :(
But the point of supply might be more reliable than SnS?

Posted : 19/02/2020 8:47 pm
Zero Bravo
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The wait is the drag with me. No sign of the stock and no communication from them. I understand this is standard with them and don't want to be that guy nagging but if they sent the occasional update would be nice.

Topic starter Posted : 25/02/2020 3:37 pm