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Any WW2 Bolt Action Rifle
The rifles do not have to be ww2 era. You can happily use a plastic wood effect stock rifle using open sights. Should your rifle have a black or tan stock we will ask that you use scrim of Hessian to cover it.(We can supply you with that if required.

Please No Modern Scrim and No telescopic sights.

NO SNIPER RIFLES, attendees are part of small rifle sections with No snipers attached.

People who wish to bring a Support Weapon Machine Gun Must contact organisers at point of booking or soon after as these will be strictly limited to 1 per section. (Of course we all know the curse of the support weapons after lunch so bring yours and keep it in the car if required ).

Grenades are limited to 1 Mk5 per life.

NO Modern Kit No Homemade Pyro. If unsure please contact organisers we will always accommodate and there are some special people on here who will lend all manner of kit.

Strict FPS Limits are 350fps with 0.2 ammo This is NOT negotiable so please don`t ask

Posted : 08/01/2020 6:25 pm