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[Sticky] The story so far and senario

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Battle for ANZIO – after the landing.

It’s been 2 days since the landing and all seams well. Only a few strafing runs by the Luftwaffe have been made against the 40,000 strong Allied effort and General Lucas is poised to release his troops into the unknown region, but is hesitating. Unknown to the invading army General Kesselring has swiftly mobilized 20,000 men with an additional 20,000 preparing defenses. The surprise was achieved but the opportunity has been lost.

Artillery is now hitting the Beach head and finally the order has been given to attack on the region and push the Germans back from their shelling positions. Once the artillery is captured or withdrawn from the front, the real fighting can begin. In this section of the battle, both British and US forces must work together to complete their tasks and leave room for the pending 1st Armored division to pour into Italy. Can the Allies open up ‘THE ROAD TO ROME’
Battle will start no later than 12pm, but I urge everyone to make an effort to be ready ASAP, the earlier we kick off the more time we have for war.


Allied Tasks – Day 1
1. Remove the threat of Artillery by capture or retreat
2. Control the main road ways and check points x2 (CP)
3. Clear any obstacles for the Armor to advance.
4. Find the main communication mast and control it x1(CP)
5. Control the irrigation water pumps and keep them running x2 (CP)
6. Rescue Allied recon prisoner for intel.

Axis Tasks – Day 1

1. Keep the Artillery Firing as long as possible
2. Control the main road ways and check points (CP)
3. If the communications mast falls into enemy hands the enemy can listen in!! (CP)
4. Turn off the irrigation water pumps and flood the region (CP)
As dusk rolls in and the battle rages on, more task will be given out – ENDEX no later than 6pm


Allied Tasks – Day 2

1. Crates of Medical supplies and Ammunition must be taken to the forward HQ on the front line from the beach head.
2. Capture as many enemies as possible and search for enemy Intel (maps and radio positions)

Axis Tasks – Day 2

1. Capture enemy supplies and divert them to German HQ
2. Hold on to 3 of the 5 CPs by ENDEX or the region is lost

The Sunday will kick off at 10am and finish no later than 1pm as we all have a long way to drive home and the clear up always takes a few hours.

As with our our battles, changes may take place to improve the senario as we go.

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