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I have dyed the jacket with Dylon hand wash dye in olive green. At 1st I thought it had just gone a darker brown but after it dried it is green and looks awesome. I also did a pair of moleskin trousers so they more or less match. I am allergic to wool so moleskin seemed a good bet to create a matching pair of trousers.
I have also reshaped the hat a bit by soaking in hot water. The bash on the spearhead slouch hat wasn't right for an Aussie. Apparently the difference between an Aussie hat and a British one is that the Aussie has the bash in the top as more of a front to back line, the British hat has a more circular bash.
As I now have a 2nd set of webbing, I have scrubbed a set and just need to get some money and buy some natural webbing liquid blanco to get rid of the remaining green colour. It should look quite good, contrasting with the green uniform.
I have also adjusted the water bottle carrier to make it easier to get the bottle in and out. It would seem that having the water bottle attached to the belt directly makes it even harder to use than the normal fitting hanging from the cross braces.
Hopefully by the time Aachen comes around, my Aussie impression will be suitably impressive to match Dadio's work on the Owen gun. :happyclap:

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Gidday mates! I have been running full Aussie ww2 kit at open days for the past six months (no organised ww2 games here unfortunately). Its very nice gear, especially the jacket! I have just put in an order for a set of KD's for the summer as the regular uniform gets way too hot on summer days. I will get pics up soon!

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