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Defending the Rhineland July 20th, 2019 Northern California USA


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Hey WW2UK forums here's our first WW2 in norcal since Sacairsoft was around. All the little details could change like amount of respawns Etc. but here's the main synopsis.
I'll start a roster of people from this forum on this Thread to keep track We're looking for a minimium 20v20 fight allies vs. axis

PM Me or shoot me a text 916-960-6519 to an invite to our discord group!

group link on discord:

download discord

Stuka Mensch and Historical Airsoft Presents: WW2 All-Fronts

Date: July 20th, 2019

Time: 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Where? Field Map:

Camp Beale Tank Training Grounds

Coordinates: 39°7'47"N 121°18'19"W

Just put those as your destination on google maps.


Arrive: 8:00

Chrono: 8:30

Briefing: 9:00

Game Prep: After Briefing

Game 1 Start: 10:00

Lunch: 1245

Game 2 Start: 1:00

Break: 3:00-330

Game 3 Start: 3:30-On

The event has three factions:

• Allied forces: All Allied military impressions from all fronts and all theaters are allowed.

US, Brits, Canadian, Polish, French, Soviet

• Axis forces: All Axis military impressions from all fronts and theaters are allowed.

Includes Germans, Finnish, Italian, Japanese

• Partisan forces: Partisan irregular fighter impressions from all fronts and theaters are allowed

Civilian but in somewhat period looking clothing and using a period weapon


In the final months of World War II on the Western Front the German Forces have retreated into the Rhineland of the Fatherland. With Allied Forces closing in the Germans are tasked with defending the Fatherland from invading allied Forces. The Germans Have taken positions in the hills strewn with fortifications to hold off the Allies.

Gamemode: The game will be played like Rush in Battlefield or Assault in Heroes and Generals. The defending team has to defend their lines and fall back if they are captured. But They can counter and recapture their lost flags. If the Germans capture the allied access point they lose.

Allied Objective: Capture all the German lines of defense forcing a retreat or eliminate all their troops.

Axis Objective: Defend the lines of defense and hold off the Allies for 2 Hours, counter attack and overrun their access point if possible. Capture points will be marked with flags.

Winning Conditions and objectives:

Run all the other teams’ lives out

Capture all objectives.


Engagement rules:

Zero Engagement distance under 400 FPS with .20g BBs

20ft. with Aegs shooting more than 400 feet per second anything close switch to Semi auto

Sniper rifles shooting 550+fps 100foot MINIMUM engagement distance

Springers, no engagement distance

Gas pistols no engagement distance but if close enough aim low if possible

Bang kills are acceptable as a courtesy but don’t have to be accepted

Grenade and Rocket rules:

-Any grenade, artillery or mortar rocket, or rocket ball that lands near you has a 15ft. Kill radius. No dummy grenades they must go off.

Prisoner Rules:

If you are surrounded and do not want to waste a life or you get snuck up on and someone has the drop on you, you can surrender and be captured

your gear comes with you and you can try to get your stuff and escape if the enemy team leaves you unguarded.

Capturing team has to make their gear accessible but it doesn’t have to be dangerously close.

They can be bound(hands only) within reason no gagging bullapplesauce , torturing, etc. YOU CAN BE EXECUTED

Respawn Rules:

Each base will have a designated medical tent with red crosses on it.

Each team will have a medic that will put medical tape on you after 120 seconds of sitting in the medical tent at your base.

The medic will wrap medical tape on your left arm to mark you as dead and will also have a clipboard with a team roster to keep track of deaths for honor reasons.

You will have 6 lives(be aware we’re playing 6 hours) when you get a seventh tape you are out, reinforcements may be negotiated.

What do I do when I’m Dead?

Watch, go home, help out your team in camp as a non-combatant

What you have to bring:

Airsoft gun bring any WW2 or WW1 type, we’re not providing even though people will have spares

BBs bring lots and lots of bbs to last the day

MARK ALL YOUR GEAR no bickering over mixing up gear

Eye protection

Camo preferably or some clothing that doesn’t stand out a lot


Extra batteries if you have them

CO2, Green Gas, whatever your gun takes

Thing we want you to bring:

Camo netting

Proper Period Tents camping gear, glow sticks etc. stuff to make a camp

Food, water

Shovel, sandbags, stuff to make fortifications

Portable generator to charge batteries

Anything to improve your base

rope anything for prisoners

Traps, mines, etc. as long as their reasonably quiet

Red Deads rags in the day to make it obvious you’ve been shot.

Things we don’t you to bring

No firestarters or any fire hazards

Anything illegal if you have to ask don’t bring it.

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1. Joe B British Chindits, 60%
2. Jared US airborne
3. Charlie US
4. Mitch US
5. Zelon L. Us airborne
6. Agent Orange airborne

1. Bennett L Wehr Officer
2. Adrien SS
3. D. Allgood FJ
4. Beastie LWFD maybe
6. Gabe LWFD
7. Leuenant Maybe
8. Soldat SS maybe
9. MrKGb1 wehr
10. Soldat +1 wehr
11. Garhett T. Volks
12.Derek F SS
13. Mathew S. Wehr
1. Sensei
2. Nathan J.
3. Andriy J. Polish Resistance

My ww2 German Youtube channel just relaunched! ... subscriber