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[Sticky] Pavlovs House................. Information and Requirements

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Information on Pavlovs house (from Wiki)

Pavlov's House (Russian: дом Павлова dom Pavlova) was a fortified apartment building during the Battle of Stalingrad from 27 September to 25 November 1942. It gained its popular name from Sergeant Yakov Pavlov, who commanded the platoon that seized the building and defended it during the long battle.

The house was a four-story building in the center of Stalingrad, built parallel to the embankment of the river Volga and overseeing the "9th January Square", a large square named for Bloody Sunday. In September 1942, the house was attacked by German soldiers, and a platoon of the Soviet 13th Guards Rifle Division was ordered to seize and defend it. The platoon was led by Junior Sgt. Yakov Pavlov, a low-level noncommissioned officer serving as acting platoon commander since the unit's lieutenant and senior sergeants had all been wounded or killed. The attack on the building was successful, although the fighting was brutal, with only four men in the 30-man platoon surviving the assault[citation needed].

The tactical benefit of the house was its position on a cross-street giving the defenders a 1 km line of sight to the north, south and west.[1] After several days, reinforcements and resupply arrived for Pavlov's men, bringing the unit up to a 25-man understrength platoon and equipping the defenders with machine guns, anti-tank rifles, and mortars. In keeping with Stalin's Order No. 227 - "not one step back", Sgt. Pavlov was ordered to fortify the building and defend it to the last bullet and the last man. Taking this advice to heart, Pavlov ordered the building to be surrounded with four layers of barbed wire and minefields, and set up machine-gun posts in every available window facing the square. In the early stages of the defense, Pavlov discovered that a PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle he had mounted on the roof was particularly effective when used to ambush unsuspecting German tanks; once the tanks had approached to within 25 meters of the building, their thin turret-roof armor became exposed to AT rifle fire from above, and were unable to elevate their weapons enough to retaliate.[2] Pavlov had reportedly destroyed nearly a dozen tanks personally using this tactic.

For better internal communication, Pavlov's soldiers breached the walls in the basement and upper floors, and dug a communications trench to Soviet positions outside. Supplies were brought in via the trench or by boats crossing the river, defying German air raids and shelling. Nevertheless, food and especially water was in short supply. Lacking beds, the soldiers tried to sleep on insulation wool torn off pipes but were subjected to harassing fire every night in order to try and break their resistance.

The Germans attacked the building several times a day. Each time German infantry or tanks tried to cross the square and to close in on the house, Pavlov's men laid down a withering barrage of machine gun and AT rifle fire from the basement, the windows and from the roof top, devastating the German attackers and forcing them to retreat. By mid-November, Pavlov's men reportedly had to use lulls in the fighting to run out and kick over the heaped piles of German corpses so they could not be used as cover by the next round of attackers.

Eventually the defenders, as well as the Soviet civilians who kept living in the basement all that time, held out during intensive fighting from 27 September - 25 November 1942, when they were relieved by the counter-attacking Soviet forces.

Pavlovs House after the Battle

The Game will be held in the new Gunman North West Urban site in Manchester.

It uses the whole top floors and half of the ground floors behind the shops, and some small cellar access.

The Cost will be £25 per player.

The Game is planned to be very strict on ammunition, and real steel ammo limits. (Please Think hard about the following rules before booking on)

The game is Limited to 32 Players.
16 per side, with 1 officer, 1 squad sgt, and 14 riflemen per side.

Officers will only have a pistol, and just 2 magazines. and 95% of the job will be command and control.
The squad Sgt will have a SMG (a MP40 and PPSH will be supplied by Gunman NW and will have the hop turned down/off. a total of 120 rounds only)
The Remaining Riflemen Will only have bolt action or semi auto rifles , with 60 rounds per man(wooden stocked/or scrimmed) and no scopes.
any wood stocked bolt action will suffice, its quite dark in there. more modern looking bolties must be scrimmed.
the only Semi auto rifles should be SVT-14`s / m14s , garands g41s or g 43s (in leu of a g41 )
No Pistols are allowed for riflemen, but LARP SAFE knives,bayonets and Entrenching tools are allowed.
Larp safe Entrenching tools can be given to any player who dosent have there own LARP safe weapon.
Tanaka K98s are fine, but please use 144a gas, or regulate the rifle to sub 350fps.
A Chrono will be available on the day

Ammunition amounts are not per life, you will only be issued new ammunition when the scenario allows.
Extra ammunition will be left around site in marked packets. (in SMALL QUANTITIES)
each side can only use relevant ammunition, for example: if your a German, and you find a stash of soviet rifle ammo, just leave it in situ you cant use it, and id rather it not be destroyed or moved just left where it is.

For the Germans
10 rounds 7.92mm for use in all German rifles and for the HMG (will take up lots of ammo so a tactical choice must be made)
25 rounds 9mm for use in MP40 or Pistol (will be more scarce than Rifle ammo)

For the Russians
10 rounds 7.62 R for use in any Russian rifle and the Russian Maxim (will take up lots of ammo so a tactical choice must be made)
25 rounds of 7.62 Pistol for use in PPSH or Pistol (will be more scarce than Rifle ammo)

EG: A rifle man with 34 rounds finds a bandoleer with 60 rounds in it he takes 3 packets of 10 rounds and leaves the rest he can only ever carry 60 rounds maximum. His buddys could take the remainder up to 60 rounds , but riflemen cant carry spare ammo round site. if they want to supply the mg, you have to give it from your issue and go get more.

The ammo will be high quality .25 Blaster bb`s. if any player uses different ammo, bring it in a pouch in bags of 10 rounds, when you find some ammo, rip the packet open, drop it all on the floor and load 10 rounds of your own type of ammo.

Each side will also be issued with a HEAVY MACHINE GUN, The Russians with a Maxim gun on a wheeled mount, the Germans with have a MG42 on a Laffette Tripod. These weapons will be issued with 500 rounds (total for the event, any excess must be supplied from the riflemen, this is a tactical choice and not to be taken lightly)
They may be moved , but this will take at least 2-3-4 men. and they cannot fire until set up again. (The HMGs will also be provided by Gunman NW)
The HMG magazines will be 250 round mags, and will reqire winding by hand, a second crewman should wind the mag to allow the gunner to concentrate on aiming and firing at a higher rate, rather than pausing to wind (1 man can shoot the gun, but 2 will work better. Also 3 or 4 men can carry the guns easier than 2)
The HMG can be used by any player, all players will be shown how to use their sides HMG before game on.
This allows it to be a proper section weapon, and if a gunner is killed the weapon can still be used

After the roaring success of the Molotovs at the Fuhrer game.
I will be issuing both sides with some for pavlovs
Smoke and fire free, and safe to use, they will also light up dark areas. if you are within 6 feet, you are dead (run around screaming as if your on fire for 15 seconds, or until someone mows you down in sympathy) :D


with such tight rules on ammo , im trying to make the event as realistic as possible.

For the Russains its Original or repro ww2 uniform, Greatcoats are a good choice for those on a budget.
Im hoping to borrow some of joshes "russain kit" its Chinese and czech helmets, but at 10 paces it looks the part.

For the Germans Its HEER ONLY , There were no SS or FJ at stalingrad
Feldgrau Uniforms are a must , i dont mind if its wool or HBT but only grey , no camo please

Helmets are STRONGLY PREFERRED, i have a couple of each to loan, pilotkas or german sidecaps are ok with a doctors note :giggle:
if you HATE a helmet and MUST wear a soft hat , please no caps :D

The very strong rules are aimed at making the event as imersive as possible, think of the Dragoon rising games standard of kit

More information will be posted over the weekend

I have some Russian kit i can loan out to any interested Russian players.

Its a while away, but if your thinking of coming , really consider the "strict" weapon rules.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you there,

Porta :good:

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