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The Situation................Sunday 27th September 1942

Joseph Porta
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1700 hrs Sunday 27th September 1942

Starshiy serzhant Yakov Pavlov and 15 of his men, have just occupied a four-story building in the center of Stalingrad, built parallel to the embankment of the river Volga and overseeing the "9th January Square"
In accordance with Stalin's Order No. 227 - "not one step back", Sgt. Pavlov was ordered to fortify the building and defend it to the last bullet and the last man.

A Platoon of German Soldiers from 100th Jäger Division, under the command of Hauptmann Kiesel have found an unobserved way in to the same building.
They also have orders to occupy the Building.

Both platoons will have to gain control of the building, whilst preventing the enemy from doing the same.

In the real battle only 4 Russians survived the initial battle, will history repeat itself, of will the German soldiers win the day.
Courage under fire, command and control, and discipline will win the day.

Welcome to the Battle for "Pavlovs House"

"Take that you rotton helping of strawberry flan!"
Joseph Porta to "strawberrys and cream", in the sven hassel book ,ogpu prison

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