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A big thanks to all of the organisers for an enjoyable weekend. Special thanks go to John, Gary, Che for the transport and all of the members of Anton squad . It was a hard fought weekend for us Germans as it seemed we were on the receiving end of the Ruskies weapons for most of it, whether on foot and in vehicles, hey thats the name of the game and I never heard one winge from any of the Germans, we all just got on with it . The two attempts on the Ruskies camp on day one were doomed to failure before we began as we were expecting a half occupied camp not a full one as we later learned (we were only 9 strong ourselves on the first attack and about 5 or 6 on the second) . Every attack/probe on our camp however were repelled (apart from the night attack using our captured vehicles of course ) and prisoners captured to Guy's delight with excecutions to follow .

Day 2 was attack after attack on the Ruskies who were well dug in and no matter how hard we tried we were repelled, well done to the Ruskies .

Most memorable moment, on night vehicle patrol as front passenger in Guy's jeep coming around the corner into our other vehicle which was captured and used as an ambush road block, head lights lit up loads of Ruskies on the left which I opened up on with my MP44, I was royally FUBAR'd shortly after, awsome

Posted : 16/07/2011 8:55 pm
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