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[Sticky] Weapon requirements

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This scenario is set in 1944 in Lithuania/Latvia and combines a real event with some creativity to create a scenario that is both interesting in the historical sense as well as creating a workable battle weekend. This event holds dear the Comrades in Arms concept - examining what goes on in combatant's minds with the trials and tribulations of following orders - to your death if necessary.

So, the general principle is that forces have a preponderance of bolt action weapons with a selection of automatics and machine guns. If you cannot own, beg or borrow a listed firearm then what you have is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is of the WW2 period.

Any WW2 weapon is acceptable for this event.

Note: there is no restriction on what type of magazines you carry but ammo limits apply.

Topic starter Posted : 18/01/2011 10:55 am