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WW2 SOE Mission brief

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WW2 SOE Mission brief

Overall mission brief for the SOE is an attempt to destabilize the small hamlet of Chez Bois and the village of Collonges-la-Rouge, which will draw the attention of the local German command from a number of other major SOE operations to the North. Chez Bois and Collonges-la-Rouge are separated by a branch off from the Meuse River and only two bridges cross it. The fort of La-Rouge sits between the two settlements. An old French Imperial fort, it was a museum before the German command took it a barracks.

The Resistance have a Morse code machine being delivered and an SOE operative will show how it works, this machine will give them objectives and targets. Meanwhile the SOE team in the field will be there to make sure the resistance are supplied with weapons, medical supplies and ammunition to complete their tasking’s. The SOE may also find themselves taking part in the tasking’s in the form of direct engagement against the German command.

Unknown to the SOE and resistance however was the early morning arrival of an SS panzer unit at Collonges-la-Rouge who have stopped to collect fuel and supplies before continuing on to engage the main allied offensive to the south.

The German Wehrmacht commander has enjoys a very quite assignment so far but after orders that his company may be needed to reinforce the defence of Verdun if the allies push that far has left him very distracted. A high ranking officer and his staff will be visiting the fort for inspection at around 1400hrs and its vital for the commander that all it peaceful and quite and his security is tight.

Over gameplay and what’s required from the field.
After the opening scene of a coffee shop exploding and the reaction to this the resistance must meet up with the SOE at a given set of co-ordinates and retrieve their Morse code machine and take instruction.

Rules for SOE: Must always be clothed in military attire and operate out of secret bunkers (trap doors) that will be dotted around the site. When open (stick holding them up) they are live and all allies can regen/reload/take bandages off from them.
SOE will be given a number of MARKED stash crates to hide. When they are needed they can send a team of resistance or go themselves to retrieve the crates and get them to the designated location for delivery.
They can also supply fake papers to Resistance that have had theirs taken away.
They can actively take part in any operation but do risk being captured (which will lead to a 10 minute removal from the game in captivity) During this time they can be rescued. The holding sell for this is in the cell in the town.

Rules for Resistance
When walking around as a civilian, you must have NO weapons worn and can walk freely around any civilian location freely to gather intel or try to smuggle supplies. See rules for ‘Papers’. If caught doing something suspicious you may have your papers taken away from you. You will then need to acquire fake ones form the SOE team.
Complete task given to you by the SOE team.

Rules for Wehrmacht
To destroy ‘SOE bunkers’, a German unit must get an Engineer team with det equipment to blow them up. When destroyed they are gone and the trapdoor must be brought back to the barracks. If they come across a closed one, make a note of where it is but the Germans can only interact with ones that a open and live.
Shoot to kill or try to make arrests of any armed civilian or enemy force. To arrest, simply take the shot enemies bandage and tie it on their wrist. From that time on they are considered arrested and have NO weapons. They MUST hold their hands out front as if they are tied and can only release them is a friendly unit pretends to ‘cut their bonds’.
Arrested players must spend 10 minutes in the Cell. If they complete their ‘time in the clink’ they are collected and must head to the safe zone for briefing and re-deployment.
The general security of the town, hamlet, fort and bridges are continual objectives.
Make sure the inspection goes smoothly.
The Wehrmacht enlisted soldiers can be bribed with candy sticks cigarettes and MUST except them. See rules for Bribery.

Rules for SS units.
The SS units is about to be dragged into this when their commander is killed in the opening scene and will take orders for the Wehrmacht commander until a new SS officer arrives form Verdun. Their tank doesn’t have enough fuel for driven action but the batteries will allow the turret to work and point in a fixed direct.
The SS will be commanded by the Wehrmacht Command.
The SS want revenge for the killing of the officer but MUST work within the confines of the Wehrmacht command. This means to find and kill their targets they must do it behind the backs of the commander. They can bribe with cigarettes any Wehrmacht soldier (candy sticks).
SS cannot be bribed.

Papers – All players will be given papers, some will be real and some will be fake (subtle differences to a real one). The Germans may stop anyone they want and ask for their papers, check them and react accordingly.

Rules for Bribery – Only enlisted Wehrmacht soldiers can be bribed with Cigarettes (candy sticks). Bribery is cumulative to the individual X2. So, 1, the 2, then 4 then 8 and so on.

Rules of engagement.
All German Wehrmacht Units MUST try to arrest first, through calling Hande Hock (hands up) first or bandaging after shooting. They can return fire and engage enemy in a fire fight.
SS MUST follow the Wehrmacht rules of engagement if a Wehrmacht officer is present.

Crossing the river.
Grappling hook and rope and rope bridges will be available to use by SOE and resistance.

The destruction of the bridges may be given near the end of the game and only IF there is a good reason.

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