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Normandy Nightmare Rules

Welcome to Hell in the Hedgerows


Missions will be started with a loud whistle blast and the cry of ‘STAND TO’, Games will end with a whistle blast and a cry of ‘END EX’

Each engagement or ‘mission’ will last between 30 and 60 minutes, should you be shot out and ‘killed’ you must wait until the start of the next game – THERE ARE NO REGENS.


300 per player, 1000 for support weapons. Support Gunner has 500, other 500 bagged and spread over five players. BAR or FG42 carries 570 in three magazines.

The 300 must last you the whole engagement/mission (approx 45 minutes) and includes pistol rounds. It is permissible to swap exchange and loan ammo with other players.

Limit of 2 grenades per player per game (unless equipped with pioneer webbing and you may have 4).


Don’t fire over 3 seconds on full auto with an AEG - equally try and use SMGs for their intended role up close, let the rifles do the ranged work..


Grenade/explosion: instant kill, no medic. 5m kill zone.

Only hard cover (i.e. tyres, building, concrete, substantial tree) will save you.


25 Metres free fire. Between 20 and 25 metres or IF YOU ARE IN ANY WAY UNCERTAIN aim for the lower body and absolutely no head shots.


Each player carries one First Field Dressing (i.e. strip of bandage). If you are hit you remove this from your pouch or pocket and hold it up in the air (to minimise overkill by signposting you are 'out of action'.

(It is desirable to have a 'blood stained' real bandage or field dressing if you can get one for this event as they look so much better than a strip of white ribbon)

What to shout:
German - Sani or Sanitator
Allied - Stretcher Bearer or Medic
(dont stress about this if you forget and shout medic its ok)

Any other player can add a bandage, adding a bandage to an opposing player 'captures' him. Unless the scenario or your personal agenda states you require a capture DONT DO IT its pointless and slows the game down.

Bandage MUST be placed on the upper body and some effort made to act like you're treating the casualty. Dont take the mickey and tie the bandage round someones ankle etc....

OK: torso/arms/head
Not OK: Legs/webbing/equipment

A hit player may be dragged to safety but again you cant walk you can crawl, limp, hop etc. You can assist the 'dragger' to avoid shredding your kit but again dont take the michael. If you cant be rescued you may chose to bleed out between five and ten minutes, in the rare games that require capturing please dont bleed out any sooner than five minutes to give folk a chance to get you.

While you must remain immobile when wounded use common sense and make your 'death throws' get you out of any real hazard such as roads. Please don’t roll down banks.

If you are hit again while wearing your bandage you are 'dead' and may go silently to the rally point for a cuppa... If you wish and it is safe (i.e. not on the road) you may lie in place. You dont have to but it adds to the game if you do, at least for the duration of any immediate firefights.

With the owners consent and again where safe any squad LMG/MMG or other crew served weapon may be left in situ and taken over by any other member of the squad who is trained to use it.

In certain scenarios there will be medical posts on site. Attending one of these means that your bandage can be removed and you are to all effects and purposes on your first 'life'

Removing your headgear states that you are out of the game!

Helmet on = In game/possibly dead.

Helmet off = Definitely out of play.


In the unfortunate and unlikely event you are genuinely injured shout 'CEASEFIRE' as loudly as you are able, should you hear this call repeat it loudly until all on site have heard it.

Ceasefire will ONLY be called for a serious injury or if a hazard such as a member of the public is on site.

When ceasefire is called all players MUST put down their weapons (after making them safe if possible) and wait until the situation is resolved.


Knife kills may only be made with an approved foam or rubber knife or close combat weapon. Alternatively you can use the side of your hand gently against a player and say ‘knife kill’


You must actually touch a player or shoot them, we will not be using a ‘bang rule’ however we do ask players to use common sense if making a close range shot by surprise (i.e do not aim for the head).

"I think we are in rats' alley - Where the dead men lost their bones."

Posted : 15/06/2009 7:29 pm