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[Sticky] Rattenkrieg – What’s in store?

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Those of you who have attended an AGS event before will have a good idea of what to expect and what’s expected of you as a player.
For those that haven’t, we strive to make our events as realistic and immersive as we can so you can really get into the mindset of a WW2 combatant and to give you those moments when your really do feel you are there in the midst of battle.

In addition to our usual Signposts, propaganda posters, sound effects, Tank traps, barbed wire, field phones etc, Rattenkrieg will also introduce some new elements.

As with our previous events, specialist roles will be available for plucky volunteers, Specialist Engineers, signallers, HMG crews etc roles will all need to be filled.

The event will be highly objective orientated, with both sides having a number of diverse mission which they need to complete throughout the day. Demolitions, communications deployment and tapping, securing supplies, and performing psyops are just some of the missions to be completed.

Engaging the enemy in firefights should only be done to help achieve these objectives. Stealth and evasion will often serve you better. Ammunition will also be restricted, especially for SMG’s. This will hopefully avoid overkill and reduce the advantages of SMG’s over rifles.
Grenades will be plentiful though. Do note that NO pyro’s containing dried peas can be used. Suitable pyro will be available on a day and, as at our Crete event, some will be issued.

Close Combat
As pioneered by Gunman North West at the Pavlov’s House event, we will be providing LARP safe Melee weapons to enable and encourage some desperate close combat for when the ammo runs out, or for that sneaky stealth kill from the shadows. This must be approached by players with the right mind-set as a fun bit of role-playing, done in good humour and in the spirit of the game , and not trying ultra serious stupid blocks, parries and Chuck Norris ninja moves. CiA WW2 Airsoft rule number 1 applies here; “Don’t be a Cock!”

Destructible Environment
A phrase familiar to most FPS computer gamers, Rattenkrieg will feature special “walls” which will need to be “mouse-holed” to gain access to the next basement or sewer tunnel. This must be done using supplied demolition charges, and again must to be done in the spirit of the game and not just kicked in with a size 9 boot!
There will of course also be our usual cuttable barbed wire (Engineers required to do the cutting) and other obstacles to be cleared by demolition.

Again, inspired by Gunman North West, both sides will have flamethrowers available for certain missions throughout the day. These will be back-pack mounted units and like the real-steel have a limited number of “shots” before they are empty so they must be used wisely.

As always there will be pre and post event socials on the Friday and Saturday Evenings. If yo are brave, you might even like to engage in some late-night ghost hunting as the tunnels are reportedly haunted and two people are known to have died in them over the years.

“I wanted to come to the Volga at a specific location at a specific city. By chance it carries the name of Stalin himself. So don’t think I marched there for this reason – it could carry another name – but because there is a very important goal... this goal I wanted to take – and you know – we are very modest, we have it already."
Adolf Hitler, November 1942

"Comrades, Red Army men, commanders and political workers, men and women guerrillas! It is on your perseverance, staunchness, fighting skill and readiness to discharge your duty to the country that the defeat of the German-fascist army and the liberation of the Soviet land from the Hitlerite invaders depend! We can and must clear the Soviet land of Hitlerite vermin."
Joseph Stalin, November 1942

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