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[Sticky] Rattenkrieg Event details - Updated

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Stalingrad: Rattenkrieg

An AGS Game held at UCAP Airsoft “Bunker”

Saturday 9th November 2013

UCAP Bunker
Beneath Fort Southwick
Portsdown Hill Road
PO17 6AR
There is no access to UCAP via Fort Southwick, do not enter the fort. UCAP is based under the fort via it’s own access road just to the west of the fort on the main road. The nearest postcode is: PO17 6AR

Price: £30

November 1942, Since reaching the outskirts of Stalingrad in August, the German 6th Army have now been fighting for three months, street-to-street, house-to-house and room-to-room, in a grim battle to gain total control of the city. As part of Operation Hubertus, Specialist Pionier battalions have been drafted in and having reached the banks of the Volga river in several places, Stalingrad is 95% in German hands, but dogged Soviet defence of their Motherland has meant horrendous casualties for both sides – and a stalemate.

Our event pits a defending unit of the Soviet 138th Rifle Division against the Wehrmacht 305 Infanterie Division and Panzerpionier-Bataillon 50, who have been tasked with ending all Red Army resistance in the city. Months of bombardment have turned the city into a wasteland where snipers from both sides lurk to catch the unwary and the unlucky. Desperate to gain any advantage, both sides have now gone underground into the city's vast labyrinth of basements, tunnels and sewers, fighting not only with bullets, but grenades, flame-throwers, explosive charges, knives and entrenching tools. This is "rat warfare" - Rattenkrieg.

Player Mindset:
As with previous AGS events, we absolutely insist that you operate within your designated squad and follow the instructions of your squad leader. This will be a big part of the player experience and it’s non-negotiable. We want people to have fun but we won’t tolerate “lone wolves” or freestylers.

If you have a problem with people telling you what to do then please don’t sign up.

If you just want to wander around the site looking for trigger time then please don’t sign up.

If you want to participate in a tactical, high quality, non-stop, immersive WWII event then this game is open to all, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a raw recruit.

UCAP Bunker:
built in 1942 as a naval command centre. It is situated on Portsdown Hill beneath Fort Southwick, a large 19th Century Palmerston Fort. There are over a hundred rooms in the tunnel complex, and it was fully functional with offices, dormitories, telecommunications etc, and it was utilised during WW2's 'Operation Overlord'. The tunnels were lined throughout with steel shuttering, supported by iron girders, although some of this has been removed since the war. Access to the tunnel system was via stairs inside the fort, or from the four emergency exits further down the hill. With over a mile and a half of useable tunnels, rooms and corridors as wide as streets, the site is a dark maze with the possibility of danger round every corner!

Bookings for 15 per side will open shortly. This event is open to all. Total player numbers will be limited.

Places to camp and indoor sleeping accommodation will be available Friday night and Saturday night for our pre and post-game socials.

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