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Battle orders for Minsk

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Minsk Battle orders.

Minsk was a key strategic railway junction and a defensive position of the main road and rail communications with Moscow, the German command of Army group centre has been tasked with clearing one of the main Ammo, Armament and Supply depots just west of the main City. The Luftwaffe has already pounded the area but artillery is still not zeroed. Field Marshal Fedor von Bock has ordered the German 9th Army to advance on the stations, capture any depots and supplies left and secure the railways, however standing in their way is Major Rufl Choloski and his battered but now very experience border army. Their orders are to fight till the last man and give the Fascists nothing. If it looks like the Stations will get overrun, Choloski has been ordered to blow them and the 9th army to hell.
Our battle is just a small key part of the major offensive of Minsk.

The story begins...
Pushing up from a southerly approach the German units will hit the main heart of the compound and take the main factory area. Here the HQ will be established and preparations will be made to advance the long route round, clearing and securing all the depots found. The German regen for the whole scenario will be a command truck (which cannot be attacked but or advance into the battle area. Once a location is secured, it can’t be re-taken, however relief will arrive for the Choloski at 1800hrs so any advance made will be halted until the following day. The Russians must hold onto all their depots and supplies until the very last minute before denying the advancing Germans of their spoils. Each objective must be done in order though fighting may take place anywhere on the site.

Task for German command
1. Advance and take control of the factory area
2. Set up an HQ and prepare the advance
3. Recon all objectives to make sure they are done in the correct order
4. Destroy Russian AT guns to help the mobile command vehicle move up the battle.
5. Seize all of the depots and supplies

Tasks for Russian command
1. Deny the enemy any ground at all cost
2. If a depots or supply yard is going to fall into the Germans hands, destroy them.
3. Use AT weapons and mines to slow down the German advance
4. Hold out until relief arrives.

The battle will finish at 1pm Sunday with either the a German victory or a temporary withdrawal, which will give the Russians are chance to re-group and counter attack the blitzkrieg.

My Gawd guys this is going to be epic.

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