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[Sticky] Rules

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General Rules:
Face masks though we prefer players without face masks it is your face , but discreet ones please.

Helmet / Gun cameras etc , though we have nothing against folks getting a camera out and filming a little of the game by hand or taking odd photos (We actively encourage it) but we don't want any helmet cameras or GO Pro cameras.

Helmets - we prefer players in helmets but we don't force you to we know Brit Paras etc will wear berets and other troops may also sport them but please wear a Helmet if possible it looks cool and thats what they wore.

Rifles and sub-machine guns and Assault Rifles - 200 rounds per life. This is a maximum and represents the most you can carry. Ammo cannot be carried over from past lives or stockpiled.

Support weapons - 1000 per life. NOTE - in order to get another full 1000, the gun itself must be at the re-spawn point. Members of a gun crew who leave their weapon to re-spawn will only be allowed 200.

BB hits on any part of the body or weapon count, Ricochets don't.
Once hit you must drop to the ground and indicate loudly that you've been hit. We'd prefer a good theatrical scream rather than just a "hit" with constant shouting "Sani or Medic"

A wounded player can be medic'd once at any time and get back in the game. There is no bleed-out. If you medic another player you must spend at least 1 minute applying dressings, murmuring words of comfort, stealing his watch, etc. A second hit after being medic'd will kill and require you to impersonate a corpse until the firefight around you is over. Don't immediately rise from the dead like Lazarus and wander off. After the shooting has stopped you must return to a respawn point and wait until a commander puts you back into circulation. You can Medic Enemy players and take them as POW`s to your HQ.

Grenades Mortars:
Grenades and mortar shells have a 5 meter instant kill radius regardless of whether a bb hits you or not. Mortar shells have a 10 meter kill radius. Grenades exploding inside a bunker will kill everyone inside.
Remove your cap or helmet when returning to a respawn point. Players without headgear are deemed to be not in play.
Dead men can't talk. Wounded men can't talk (except to say "aargh, that really hurts"). Medic'd men CAN talk - they are back in the game.

PLEASE don`t run away from grenades they are expensive so rather take, it die theatrically and go for the Best Death of the day award.

If a bb hits you then you're hit. No arguments. No "my shot hit you first" rubbish.
You can carry around as much ammo as you like but you should only mag-up and use the designated amount.

FUN: This is supposed to be fun. Looking for loopholes in the rules, ignoring orders because you want to go and shoot people, not taking hits and other tiresome open-day type behaviour makes it not fun. We don't want that.

Rule Clarification :
Just to make a couple of points clear for people who have not attended our events before:-
Bolt action rifle - 200 Rds (this is the only weapon we will allow speed loader reloading in game if you have limited magazines).
SMGs (Mp40 Thompson Sten etc)200 rounds. SMGs Must be used on full auto, as designed,Not single shot. No loading in the field only at CP.
Support weapon MGs Must be Deployed Either on Bipod on a wall Tree stump or over Crew-members shoulder and manned by 2 crew. If they are manned by crew they have 1000 rds ammo but may only have 500 rds in the magazine. You may then re load the magazine in the field with another 500 rds until your 1000 limit is reached. If the gunner or the loader is killed the MG may continue to fire until the magazine is empty. Support Weapons deployed in Bunkers and earth works have unlimited Ammo.
Assault Rifles (Garands G43 Stg44 and BAR)- 200rd Single shot No loading in the field only at CP.
Side Arms - Whatever the Magazine holds but the allowance comes out of you designated limit. No loading in the field only at CP.

Any other weapons you want to bring please contact me and we will incorporate a rule for it.

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