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[Sticky] The Battle for TIM 6th May 2017 Eversley Hants.

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The Battle for TIM 6th May 2017
A Southern Army Division Game held at Gunman Airsoft Eversley

Saturday 6th May 2017

The event will take place at Gunman Eversley Hants. The Gunman site is a great site for those who have never been and offers a variety of terrain which will be suited for our purposes of the Saar-Moselle Triangle.

There is a great camping area, Hard standing car park, Toilet facilities and a shop selling everything Airsoft at great prices. Camping is available Friday and Saturday night

See Google Maps link for those who don`t know the site

We will be having a Friday and Saturday night social event Best Bling outfits actively encouraged to attend the Soldatenheim. All profits to TIM`s Charity.

Price: £40
Booking details: please PayPal £40 (Please make sure to 'Gift' the fees please) to - Please state your forum name and which side you want to join.

To use Paypal log in to your account then look for Pay or Send Money at the top of the screen.
Click Send Money to Family or Friends
paste into the box
Please send money paying the fees.

The battle for TIM (Triangle In Moselle February 1945)
The "Saar-Moselle triangle." was similar to the West Wall itself, a defensive position two miles deep, fronted by dragon's teeth or antitank ditches and composed of pillboxes and concrete bunkers reinforced by field fortifications the terrain is rolling and sharply compartmentalized, in many places covered with dense woods. All in all rugged terrain with few roads that would support Armour.

At dawn on the 18th January 1945 the storm broke. For twenty minutes German mortars and artillery rained down on the forward positions of the US troops then the German uniforms appeared attacking the front that the Allies were supposed to be taking. This was the last German Offensive.

Confusion was all around with probing attacks from both sides until the Allies managed to start their own offensive. At dawn on 27 February they crossed the Moselle and made a bridgehead with Rangers and US Infantry leading the charge for the ancient town of Trier.

Defense of Trier itself remained a responsibility of Army Group B's Seventh Army and the 2nd Mountain Division was moved up to stop them.

Our game focuses on this engagement with General Patton calling on a British Airborne formation to protect his Left Flank and Germans fighting for the fatherland.

Player Mindset:
As with previous events hosted by our group, we absolutely insist that you operate within your designated squad and follow the instructions of your squad leader. This will be a big part of the player experience and it’s non-negotiable. We want people to have fun but we won`t tolerate lone wolves or freestylers as it destroys the game scenarios and spoils the enjoyment of the many.

If you have a problem with people telling you what to do then please don`t sign up.
If you just want to wander around the site looking for trigger time then please don`t sign up.

If you want to participate in a tactical, high quality, non-stop, immersive WWII event then this game is for you and open to all, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a raw recruit.

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