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Timings of the Day

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00:00 -8:00 the maccies nearby is serving well maccies lol

8:00 gates open maybe tad before lol

9-9:15 gates shut and we lose access to and from the site

9:30 everyone needs to be ready for the safety and game brief

9:45 we move out to the bases

10:00 game on till 16:00

16:20 to 16:30 quick debrief and can leave the site

Don't forget eating out in the field there is no lunch break just grabbing food when you can

Topic starter Posted : 07/12/2019 5:01 am
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NPF have a busy morning so gate may be shut a tad early so make sure before 9 am which to be fair need to be to get ready unless driving up in full kit

The gate is sometimes opened earlier depending on staff and of course, there is Maccies close by :)

Topic starter Posted : 24/01/2020 6:31 pm