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[Sticky] Last time : ROTT

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last time saw such a narrow allied victory if you can call it that,

first off many thanks to the squads for sticking together and treating there missions with respect and filling in the information. Some good side notes , brave action taking the american grenade kill to save there squad , forgetting there Intel camera and making the person draw it , the capture of a high ranking German officer , the non capture of the American mp even when he died twice so close to the German Hq , Americans taking the 3 points they were not expected to capture.....

10:30 in what seemed like a average day in Severino , suddenly changed , reports across the entire line of a German counter attack started to come in , within minutes there was contact all around the supply depot and the prison of war camp in Severino, Allied forces were caught off guard but soon rallied. In the area of Contrada and Severino small skirmishes had broken out with neither side really getting the edge.

12:00 reports across the line the allied forces had held and German forces had stood there ground or fallen back.

13:30 After Intel was gained from a captured German officer a makeshift counter attack by allied forces towards the road to Avellino was launched , with American and British units hitting 3 key German staging areas , They were not expected to take these positions but just to try and put the Germans back on the back foot, but with the German forces stretched and tired all 3 soon fell to the attackers. With the 3 areas now in Allied control the allied forces dug in and skirmishes once again broke out around the area.

16:00 with darkness setting in, the fighting was dying down ,allied forces had started to fortify the area while the Germans pulled back slowly , at last the road to Avellino was open

it was so close to call in fact was as close as it could be

after going through the missions completed the war effort ratings were

Allied 930

Axis 920

it was so close i went back and double checked it , i thought it would be close as all squads seemed to be working hard , so not really a victory for the allies but at least they got the damm road open at last :happyclap:-- attachment is not available --

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HOW THE MODERN DAY PRESS CAPTURED IT :rofl:-- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available ---- attachment is not available --

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