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[Sticky] so the conclusion .....

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just after 10.30 german patrols heard the noise of the enemy advancing, it was not a shock and they had been preparing for it, the alarm at the Garrison was raised, The effort to fortify the garrison was doubled, with soldiers working at breakneck speed to add to their defences, meanwhile A mixture of American engineers and British troops took over one of the italian deserted farms and started to fortify it and make it there new command centre.

The 3rd Infantry were sent on a top secret mission to help distract the Germans and try to gain Intel on German numbers and their defences at the Garrison, and the 34th Infantry moved to pick up a mis dropped package, and been told it would a milk run , they were to find out that was not the case ....

The 3rd infantry got to there first check and started deploying distraction devices and moved to secure the nearby church to gain a decent vantage point over the German garrison, the British meanwhile returned to Hq and were given new orders, at the same time the 34th found out the area that was meant to be deserted of german troops had a Zug of elite paratroopers guarding it and it was not long before a firefight developed

The allied base was finished and soon after there was contact on the furthest sentries, the engineers dug in and prepared to take on the german contact, it was not long before it happened , the zug managed to get a mg42 on the hill overlooking them and rained fire all over , forcing the engineers to take cover , other members of the zug could be seen spreading out around the top of Hill and fire was exchanged.

The 3rd infantry had closed on the german garrison and had started to take notes and photos , still undetected by the german guards and patrols , the British squad were still out on a top secret mission known only to the HQ ,
the fight for the east farm between the 34th infantry and the FJ was still going strong with neither side wanting to give a inch, and both needed to restock on their ammo supplies, but after a while the americans found the package they were looking for and withdrew back to hq and so did the FJ

The fight at the allied base was a standoff with the americans still not been able to move out due to the mg42, things were about to go from bad to worse for them as the FJ on there way back to the HQ bumped into the GJ and joined in, the combined firepower of both zugs kept the american heads down and allowed the GJ to fight there way down the hill and be right on the allied base.

The engineers were not giving up and managed to get a few kills, but then there officer and medic were both killed by gunfire, and not long after the german grenades started to fly in slowly taking out the remainder of the squad , once the germans had confirmed the americans were all dead and wounded they pulled out back to there Garrison.

The 34th had returned to HQ and been given a new mission involving the package they had just picked up and that involved advancing to the German garrison and just shelling it from distance, once again told it would be a fast and easy mission , once again they would find it would be anything but easy or fast.....

The 3rd Infantry returned to share their intel with the officers at HQ and were then sent out on a patrol mission to try and engage german patrols to try and make the allied numbers seem greater than they were

The british were still out on patrol on a top secret mission

The 109 th engineers were patched up and took over the guarding of the base again

(and that was just the start of the morning )

if nothing else it has taught me to add timestamps to the mission cards so i can get a pattern on who did what when , so i could have carried out the story to the end (lesson learnt)

so talking of the rest of the day how did it go

well as i expected it was very close , in fact with 4 squads on both sides over a large site , it came down to a very fine margin

at 15:00 all across the line allied troops advanced all around Avellino , the southern outskirts fell almost immediately to the overwhelming allied force , not long after the collapse of the southern flank the town fell , but on the northern outskirts it was a different story. The troops rallied on by there commanders fought hard and made the allies pay for every inch and fought to the very last man , it did fall at the end (ish) but at a great loss to the allied forces......

Allied War effort 1145

Axis War effort 1075

so as you can see that was tight , in fact very very tight , many thanks to all 70 players that made it (some just lol cough charlie :whistle: ) and putting so much effort into the missions and not getting side tracked at every chance to fight, and to play the game with great spirit from start to end was a real credit to you all and the whole ww2 community and is why i love it so much :)

Just wish the germans did not pack away so fast lool i did not get to say bye to a lot of you lol

once again thank you all for coming and creating not one hassle in any way , and BIG thanks to all those that came early to help get the site prepped and stayed late to help clear it up :)

2015 will hopefully see the Allied forces move towards Benevento.......

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